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Henry M. Robert

New Year’s Present to Kyiv Photography Fans

25 December, 2001 - 00:00

The Day is the only Ukrainian national political newspaper that conducts annual international photo contests. It is no accident that we encourage the nation’s art of photography. Over the three years that we have been conducting these contests, we have become convinced that it is, so to speak, an export variety of art. Many Ukrainian masters of merciless lens are better known abroad than in their native land. They are members (sometimes even honorary) of the most prestigious international photography associations. And we are pleased to note that among them are the following participants and winners of The Day ’s photo contest: Vasyl Pylypiuk (winner of the State Prize of Ukraine), Yevhen Komarov, Roman Baran, Borys Panov, Oleh Ohorodnyk, Serhiy Buslenko, Yarema Protsviv, Eduard Khytry, Rostyslav Kondrat, Volodymyr Starodub, Vasyl Artiushenko, Ivan Postolovsky, Anatoly Pokhyliuk, Bohdan Barbyl, Mykola Smilyk, Oleksandr Klymenko, and the list could be continued.

The photo exhibition, based on the results of the third international photo contest called The Day of a New Millennium, was presented at the gala party in honor of our newspaper’s fifth anniversary which was held in September at Ukraine House. In a few days alone, the exhibition was visited by hundreds of people. But it appeared that those hundreds were in no way all capital-based fans of the picture-taking art. And while the exhibition traveled around Ukraine, our editorial office received phone calls from photo masters, aficionados, and readers asking if Kyivans would have another opportunity to see and know the new results of what has become the nation’s most prestigious photography contest.

This is why, after showing the exhibition in Odesa at the local branch of the Greek Culture Foundation, we brought it back to Kyiv. From December 22 on, The Day of a New Millennium exhibition can be seen at the Ukrainian National Library on Moskovska Square (admission is free from 10:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. every day except Saturday and Sunday). The exhibition will last until the end of January.

We will announce the conditions of The Day’s 2002 photography contest in coming issues.