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Henry M. Robert

Still lifes only!

27 January, 2014 - 18:02
HOLIDAY STILL LIFE BY PETRO LEBEDYNETS / Photo illustration courtesy of the exhibition’s organizers

From January 24 to February 8, 30 artists from four countries will present their paintings in Kyiv. Exhibits of “Still Life 2014” can be seen at the Kyiv Fortress National Historical and Architectural Museum. Overall 30 brilliant artists from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Moldova will present their paintings. In particular, Petro Lebedynets, David Sharashidze, Mykola Zhuravel, Oleksii Malykh, Leonid Bernat, Alla Volobuieva and other artists will show their vision of still life according to their individual painting styles.

Artist and art producer Rasin Seydimov, who has organized the event, will also present his Still Life and an installation. The museum will host paintings, photo and video installations, all integrated in one genre and space. Audience will be able to trace the transformation of the classical genre in contemporary art space. The organizers told The Day that paintings and installations included conceptual works as well as examples of classical impressionistic style and daring expressionism, and rich still lifes of colorists. The main idea of the project is to show the national identity through art.