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Jeep festival held in Slavsk

17 October, 2006 - 00:00
Photo by Yevhen KRAVS

The International Festival of Off-Road Vehicles “Play-Off 2006” was recently held in the resort of Slavsk in Lviv oblast. The impassibility of Carpathian roads was tested by nearly 100 off-road vehicles, including four-wheeled bikes, and bikers from Poland, Belarus, and various corners of Ukraine. The jeep festival in Slavsk is considered the most prestigious among extreme driving lovers because the program includes ascending to the top of the Carpathian peaks Velykyi Verkh and Trostian.

The drivers competed in the jeep trial, which involved racing on a road filled with dangerous mountain river crossings. Besides the compulsory program, an extensive cultural program awaited the drivers: Boiko games, a homemade motorcycle exhibition, Cossack kulish tastings, and a concert. The Polish team of Marian Junko and Dariusz Barmen on an Opel were the victors among the jeep drivers, while the Ukrainian family team of Ihor and Mariana Mekh, driving a Nissan Patrol, won an award for Best Effort. The best biker award went to Yaroslav Solodukha “Terrorist.” The representatives of the Lviv club “44”, Halyna Yakunytska and Natalia Levytska, driving a Niva, were acknowledged as the best female team.