Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№32, (2006)

17.10.2006 - 00:00

Adults playing soldier

Kamianets-Podilsky recently hosted the 2nd International Military Historical Festival Terra Heroica. Reconstructors, as people who recreate events from the historical past with documentary precision...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

Autumn dialogue in Washington

In late September Washington hosted the third (in the last two years) working session of the US-Ukraine Policy Dialogue organized by the US-Ukraine Foundation headed by Nadia McConnell. Some 30...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

Why do we struggle for state recognition of the OUN and the UPA?

Every year in October on the feast of St. Mary the Protectress, Ukrainians celebrate the day of the Ukrainian army, or Ukrainian arms. In recent days various actions focusing on the need for state...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

Capital city of liberties

The Ukrainian Cossack era is one of the most exciting and heroic pages in the history of Ukraine, as well as a unique phenomenon in world history. Historians have always taken a special interest in...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

Our neighbors’ church

During a short business trip to Romania, I acquainted myself very superficially with some features and rites of the Romanian Orthodox Church, one of fourteen universally recognized Local Churches of...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

What is social capital?

(Not edited by The Day) I am really delighted to be here in Ukraine. This is my first visit, and it’s a very hopeful country. And I felt wonderful hospitality. So, thank you, congratulations to the...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

No Return?

To prevent corruption, one should first of all unite the efforts — both of students and of teachers, — not wait till the law will punish all the offenders Despite all the legislative and moral-...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

To drink or not to drink

On Oct. 11 Ukraine marked World Standards Day-marked, not celebrated, because there was nothing special to celebrate. There are still no Ukrainian quality standards for water as the main product in...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

A vial of medicine for 2,000 hryvnias

There are over 20,000 disabled children who suffer from cerebral palsy (CP) in Ukraine, and their numbers are steadily increasing every year. According to data of the Ministry of Public Health, there...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

Learning our native language

This should have been the start of a report on Ukrainian-language courses for adults. But it turns out that there are none in Kyiv. Admit it: you’ve never seen any announcements of Ukrainian courses...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

Men as an endangered species

Life expectancy for men is 62 years. They die as a result of accidents, injuries, or poisonings rather than of old age or incurable diseases. They barely engage in sports activities and are often...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

How many shadow cabinets will there be?

Our politicians have a talent for reducing any idea to absurdity. Our Ukraine recently decided to form its own shadow cabinet of ministers, the second of its kind. Not so long ago, Yulia Tymoshenko...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

No lying or scaring!

In the past few years we have become accustomed to seeing social advertising. These kinds of ads appear on television, but the catchiest slogans are on huge billboards that read: “You can’t abandon...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

The phenomenon of Yarema Vyshnevetsky

The USSR lived in misery for some 70 years. One of the most characteristic features of a “soviet” person is one-dimensional categorical thinking stamped by the communists. Our zombied view of the...
17.10.2006 - 00:00

Grygol KATAMADZE: Russia’s pressure will not split Georgian society

Russian-Georgian relations have become so strained that some pro-Kremlin spin-masters have lost no time in predicting and even announcing the date of a war. To date, Russia has adopted a whole range...


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