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“Wishing you to lead in every field!”

Copies of The Crown, or Heritage of the Rus’ Kingdom are already heading to their owners. Meanwhile, the first person to order one has had their copy signed by Den/The Day’s editor-in-chief in keeping with a tradition
13 September, 2017 - 17:02
Photo by Mykola TYMCHENKO, The Day

The arrival of copies of our new book The Crown, or Heritage of the Rus’ Kingdom to our office became Den’s most important gift on the occasion of the newspaper’s 21st anniversary which was celebrated on September 11, both for ourselves and for our readers. This event was preceded by a titanic effort which ranged from selecting the best authors and the most interesting contributions to thinking through the tiniest details of visual solutions. It turned out to be a really noble product. The impression is that you hold in your hands not a book, but a gem made of rare content which was extracted in intellectual “mines” of some kind and “faceted” with an exquisite cover which has the color of an old tree.

Those who thought ahead to buy the latest addition to Den’s Library will soon have it in their hands, as the books have already started to move across the country. Pre-ordering for The Crown was opened on Den’s website immediately after the release of the new book was announced on July 25, and this option was used by more than 250 readers at once. Such confidence in our Library series is the biggest motivation for our team.

Meanwhile, the first owner of the new book (who was the first to place a pre-order) has had Den sending them their copy, in keeping with a good tradition, with a gift – a signature of the newspaper’s editor-in-chief and the book’s compiler Larysa Ivshyna. Note that immediately after the news broke about The Crown’s release, a “race” started that tested its participants’ response time. After all, it took several users a record short time to write that they wanted to become the first buyers. Some of them had been the first to order the book about Ukrainian-Bulgarian relations and historical connections My Sister Sofia... However, it was Vita Boichuk from Khmelnytskyi who outpaced everyone else. “Wishing you to lead in every field!” wrote Ivshyna as she signed the new book. Our congratulations go to Boichuk, as her signed copy and a set of special postcards, which add a lot to one’s comprehension of the content of the book, are already heading to Khmelnytskyi! Soon, we will contact her to ask about her impressions of this novelty.

Let us recall that on September 15, the first book launch of The Crown, or Heritage of the Rus’ Kingdom will be held within the framework of the Publishers Forum with the participation of the editor-in-chief Ivshyna and Den’s contributors. Iryna Kliuchkovska will act as moderator. So, we advise you to make sure you attend the event which will be held at the Mirror Hall of the Potocki Palace at 15, Kopernyka Street in Lviv!

The first owners of The Crown, or Heritage of the Rus’ Kingdom have already found time to share their impressions with us.


Tetiana KLYNCHENKO, a resident of Kyiv, Candidate of Historical Sciences, retiree who likes to travel around Ukraine:

“I read the news of the release of a new book in the series Ukraine Incognita in the newspaper, as I have been subscribed to it for a long time and really like it. You give such gifts to us readers every year, I am collecting books from Den’s Library, so I could not miss The Crown. I am a scholar and teacher of history and political science. I am currently retired, but I keep delivering lectures for students, meet with teachers, and I will definitely suggest this book to them, as well as to my son, and in the long run my grandchildren. It deals with the part of our history that was silenced and not explored for centuries, although it is extremely interesting and needs to be understood. Moreover, Den’s Library makes my love for Ukraine more meaningful. Now I travel a lot around Ukraine, and I always like to read your books before setting out on a trip, since my eyes see more and my ears hear differently then, and places I visit combine into a single system of understanding and knowledge of Ukraine and its history. We do not even suspect how large our wealth of historical memory is. The Crown opens our eyes to the history of our own statehood, and I admire this. I will definitely share my discovery of The Crown with others.”


Valerii REDYK, a resident of Kyiv, long-standing reader of Den:

“My first impression is that it has a nice cover, is a high-quality book product, and I was pleased to find out that it is supplemented by a set of postcards which is very elegant and informative. I have not had time to read it yet, but I flipped through the book and realized that I had made a right decision in purchasing it. I ordered The Crown because its subject matter attracted me: I had seen no similar publications, and the subject is important. Previously, I read Two Rus’es which appeared in Den’s Library, so I was sure that the new book would not disappoint me either. Also, I learned about it from social networks as I regularly visit Den’s Facebook page. I advise everyone to buy a copy of The Crown.”

By Anastasia RUDENKO, The Day