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“The Great Comeback”

Virtuosos of I, CULTURE Orchestra to perform in Kyiv on August 20
17 August, 2017 - 10:52
Photo courtesy of the Del Arte PR company

The event will take place at the National Opera of Ukraine. This year’s concert in Kyiv has a symbolic name “The Great Comeback”: in 2015 the performance of the young international I, CULTURE Orchestra on Maidan was attended by 50,000 spectators. It was an artistic event of such a scale that it is still remembered in Ukraine and beyond.

We would like to remind our readers that the creation of the orchestra was initiated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. The band is directed by the renowned Ukrainian conductor Kyrylo Karabyts [internationally known as Kirill Karabits. – Ed.]. This season, however, our music lovers will make acquaintance of Andrey Boreyko, one of the most fascinating contemporary musicians who leads the Naples (Florida) Philharmonic and the National Orchestra of Belgium. This time around he will appear as the touring conductor for I, CULTURE Orchestra (pictured).

“This project was born in Warsaw, it enjoys an extensive support of the Polish Ministry of Culture, so I think it is absolutely logical and natural that Polish music should be included in the program. Of course, we might perform the eternally young Chopin, but I have chosen for Witold Lutoslawski’s Concerto for Orchestra because this work is a true compendium of knowledge and skills for young orchestra musicians. It is a stunning school, a work where virtually each musician will be able to shine,” says Andrey BOREYKO. “As a reminder: this year the ingenious Ukrainian composer Valentyn Sylvestrov will mark his 80th birthday anniversary. I am deeply convinced that his music will live for centuries to come. Sylvestrov is one of the best-known composers of our time. I first got acquainted with his music in 1989, when I organized a festival dedicated to his heritage. I have had the honor to perform his works in various countries across the globe, and I have also recorded several CDs. The program of I, CULTURE Orchestra includes his stunningly subtle, fine Messenger. This fascinating music cannot but strike the chords of the listener’s soul; it is a dialog of two masters, Mozart and Sylvestrov.”

Another item on the program is Beethoven’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. One of the most demanded violinists worldwide is invited, Julian Rachlin. In Kyiv he will be playing the 1704 “ex Liebig” Stradivari.

Nowadays, after the auditions (over 700 applications from young musicians aged 18 to 25), the orchestra comprises 103 young extraordinary musical talents from Poland. This year the orchestra employs 18 musicians from Ukraine.

The 2017 tour of I, CULTURE Orchestra starts on August 13 at the festival “Chopin and His Europe” in Warsaw. Later the musicians are scheduled to perform in Belarus, Germany, Ukraine, and Italy.