Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№16, (2001)

29.05.2001 - 00:00


(concluded from the previous issue) A unique eighteenth century architectural ensemble of the Orel area is a group of Cossack churches in Kytaihorod. Built in 1754- 1757 by northern...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Zherdytsky Held Without Bail

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office has added to its list of charges against Viktor Zherdytsky, former president of Hradobank, currently under arrest in Germany pending trial. Meanwhile the...
29.05.2001 - 00:00


May 19 and 20 saw a greater than usual number of opera devotees hurrying to the National Opera to attend Anatoly Solovyanenko, Jr.’s debut as assistant stage director in Donicetti’s Lucia di...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Russia and Belarus are the main suppliers

Ukraine can and must take a fundamentally new step in combating illegal migration, Colonel General Pavlo Shysholin, deputy chairman of Derzhkomkordon (State Committee for Border Security), declared...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Ukrainian firearms: the domestic market can’t buy them and foreign ones don’t need them

Speaking of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, one usually mentions the manufacture of tanks, some air defense systems, aircraft, and ships, forgetting very often that development of the most...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

“I reject the formula of the little Ukrainian”

The Day: What do you see as the new cabinet’s guidelines? A. K.: We should not point an accusing finger at the previous cabinet and say that we are correcting its mistakes. This will get us...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

HOLE WITHOUT THE TIRE State-owned block of shares sell at 4% of face value

For quite a long time the fathers of privatization have not received such a resounding slap in the face. The attempt to illegally change the owner of Ukraine’s largest tire producer, the Bila Tserkva...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Writer’s Widow Dreams Of Publishing His Archives

A monument to Oles Honchar (1918-1995), a famous Ukrainian writer and public figure, was unveiled last Saturday in a public garden on the crossing of Vassili Chapayev and Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Artist’s Portrait In Tapestry

Liudmyla Zhohol is a People’s Artiste of Ukraine, member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, Candidate of Science in art studies, participant in a large number of exhibits, including foreign...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Ukraine Loses Tupoliev’s Long- Range Flyers

Ukraine’s strategic aviation has come to an end. In Uzyn Kyiv oblast, under a Ukrainian and US defense agreement on the removal of Tu-160, Tu- 95 planes, and cruise missiles of air basing X-55, the...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

SDPU(o) Accuses Government Of Derailing Tax Reform And Call for Fast Cuts

The Socialist Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) has opted for basing the next budget on a new tax system, demanding the government urgently reduce the corporate and individual income taxes along...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Gongadze Murder Not Solved, Prosecutor General Now States

The statements made by Yuri Smyrnov, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Mykhailo Potebenko, Prosecutor General, in Verkhovna Rada last Friday added new touches to the Gongadze case. First, inside the...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Chaos as a Special Kind of Order

In May last year the best Donetskoblenerho power grids were impounded following a lawsuit filed by a creditor and, a month later, were auctioned off by tacit consent of energy lords and the...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

In Memory of Oles Honchar

For all the complexities and difficulties in human life that demand courage, I have always considered myself a person lucky with my biography. This is not so much because my family life is...
29.05.2001 - 00:00

Local Squabble Kept in the Family Circle

Not so long ago the capital’s book journalist community witnessed a funny event. It could be described as a scandal and heated debate at the same time. The newspaper Literatura Plus, published...


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