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Farts! Dance festival and Odessans who won the Foxtrot Cup

The well-known sports dance tournament "Parade of Hope-2023", held during martial law, showed the athletes' dedication to their work and their faith in the Armed Forces
29 March, 15:41

The 33rd festival of ballroom and sports dances "Parade Nadij", held as part of the Kyiv charity tour of dance festivals in support of Ukrainian defenders "Everything will be Ukraine!" was successfully held on March 25, 2023 in the capital. Not a single air alarm disturbed the legendary competition, which gave reason to talk about the bravery of the organizers and their team.

During the day, almost 700 dancers from 85 clubs of Ukraine took to the dance floor of the Parade Nadij at the Institute of Physical Education of the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.

 250 sets of awards were raffled off by the organizers - honored coach of Ukraine Valentyna Fedorchuk, coach continuing the dynasty Alyona Fedorchuk-Lemishko and co-founder of the Foxtrot Group of Companies Gennadiy Vykhodtsev. Athletes competed in Latin American and European ballroom dance programs in 41 categories from "First Steps" to "Adults" and even "Seniors".


Each division of the "Parade Nadij-2023" holiday of sports and grace (and there were five of them) began with the national anthem of Ukraine and the slogan "Glory to Ukraine!".  Valentina Fedorchuk herself thanked the Armed Forces of Ukraine at each performance: "Thanks to our defenders, we have the opportunity to dance, to compete, to achieve sports results, and we always remember what a high price the Ukrainian people and our Armed Forces pay for this opportunity."


"We will serve the Ukrainian people so that you have the opportunity to hold more than one such Parade Nadij," - said the colonel, deputy commander of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who was invited to the Parade by representatives of Foxtrot.

 Alevtyna Demutska, press secretary of the Foxtrot Group of Companies, handed the representative of the brigade a laptop, telling about the company's patronage over this structural unit and over 14 other military air defense units since September 2022, the beginning of intensive missile attacks on the civilian population of Ukraine.


 After the speech of the colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valentina Fedorchuk added: "We ask you to accept support for your brigade from the “Parade Nadij". We transfer this money to the account of the BON fund as a target for the needs of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

The hall welcomed the decision of Valentina Fedorchuk and her team with sincere applause, and the mood of the audience was supported by a touching dance-show about dances in warring Ukraine performed by Maria Siskova and Vlad Khilchenko.

And then the competitions began according to the schedule: juniors, youth, adults, who demonstrated to the judges from the USA, Poland, Ukraine their skills in dance figures, artistry and sense of partner in waltz, foxtrot, jive, pasadoble, etc.


 The best results were shown by Daniil Starunskyi and Ulyana Belinska (Kharkiv, Star Dance club, youth 2 Latin category), Oleksandr Rozumei and Valeriya Motilkova (Kyiv, Star Dance club, youth 2, standard), Adrian Trushin and Polina Lebid (Kyiv, club "Dance innovation team", juniors 2, Latin).


But the competition for 20 Foxtrot cups was won by dancers from Odessa - pair №455 Volodymyr Kuzmin and Bozhena Turchynova from club the "Diamant" climbed to the first step of the sports podium. This is a single competition in Ukraine and the world for this type of dance, aimed at popularizing the most difficult dance of the European program - the foxtrot. "It's a pleasure to dance at such events, when everything is clear, according to the schedule, with good music and good spectators," said Volodymyr Kuzmin, who 7 years ago with another partner already competed for the Foxtrot cup, but took 2nd place.

- The geography of our cup is wide: for 20 years, it has repeatedly been in the prize collections of foreign couples, but most often - in sportsmen from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia. And we are pleased that Odesa, the southern capital of Ukraine, is on the list of the best foxtrot dancers for the first time, - says Oleksiy Zozulya, executive director of the network of the same name. - We congratulate the winners and believe that the beautiful history of the Foxtrot cup will continue.

The military "Parade of Hopes" ended with an award ceremony - not only with cups and medals, but also with awards from partners. The organizers handed out toys from a good partner - the "Gulliver Kraina" brand and the children's toy store "GULLIVER" to the dancers of the younger age categories. Adult athletes, referees and partners of the tournament were greeted with products of the alcoholic holding BAYADERA GROUP, a partner of small and big victories. And the presenter of the competition repeatedly named the media partners of the Parade Nadij: the all-Ukrainian online publication "Dzerkalo Tyzhnia. ZN,UA", information agency "Interfax-Ukraine", media holding OBOZREVATEL and all-Ukrainian newspaper "Den", "Weekend in Kyiv", National Agency of Strategic Communications. Internet support was provided by "FLYMARK DENS".

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