Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert


The Day: №70, (2017)

Viacheslav SHVED: “The team led by Mohammed bin Salman is trying to gain firm and definite foothold in Saudi Arabia’s political, legal, and governmental space”
Historical documentary “Slovo” House premieres
To combine Myroslav Skoryk, Yevhen Stankovych, and Valentyn Sylvestrov in one project was an act of extraordinary courage, and even a provocation of sorts
Anatolii Varvarov’s solo exhibition “I Live!” launched at the M17 Kyiv Center for Contemporary Art
Sensational archeological finds which are almost two thousand years old have gone on display in Lviv region
Academician Yaroslav YATSKIV: “Countries that can put new knowledge to effective use can have real independence and security in this world”
The Day’s experts on why celebrities and influential people are being accused of sexual harassment precisely today
Belgrade can only offer Kyiv its neutrality
Why did President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim visit Ukraine?

The Day: №69, (2017)

The Day’s experts explain why Donald Trump believes Vladimir Putin’s denials of Russia’s interference in American elections
Who benefits from radicalizing society by dumping on it the idea of breaking diplomatic relations with Russia?
On how a nuclear catastrophe was prevented from happening 55 years ago, and on Ukraine’s involvement
The Day’s experts on how to ease the growing tension between Kyiv and Warsaw and steer bilateral relations into the future
Galia ACKERMAN on pro-Russian propaganda in French magazine Valeurs actuelles
Iryna Kliuchkovska on the 70th anniversary of the deportation of Ukrainians to Kazakhstan
Readers who are also co-authors of a new book from Den’s Library share their impressions of this bestseller
Graphic works by Myron Yatsiv to see in Lviv
The Modern Art Research Institute hosts the exhibit “Mechanism of Evolution”

The Day: №68, (2017)

Ukraine was solemnly admitted to the Council of Europe 22 years ago. Why have we slowed down and why have our commitments not been fulfilled yet?
Let us all write the radio dictation on November 9
October Palace to host Oleksii Kohan’s double anniversary on November 10
Owing to different levels of economic development and political instability in each of the member states, it is more and more difficult to consider the V4 a single bloc, as it was conceived at the very outset
“The best response to Russia’s aggressive actions is a free, united, and strong Ukraine,” an assistant secretary general of the alliance said
Expert says Marshall Plan for Ukraine could give a fresh impetus to this country