Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert


The Day:

A new ministerial meeting in the Normandy format took place after nearly a half-year break

The Day: №37, (2018)

When the slogan “O sport, you are peace” works in the exactly opposite direction
Who has stood firm and ignored the opening of the World Cup in the Russian Federation?
Valentyn NALYVAICHENKO: “We should take advantage of the nearest Ukraine-EU summit and apply in writing for European Union membership”
Diplomat Kostiantyn HRYSHCHENKO on changes in geopolitics and Ukraine’s place in the US-Europe-Russia triangle
For the first time in history, the incumbent of the White House met with the leader of North Korea
What did Den’s Days get Leopolitans to think about?
Ukrainians are increasingly discovering for themselves the Land of the Rising Sun. What attracts them there?
About a child prodigy from the Vinnytsia region who received job offers from leading international IT companies, but still opted to come home
The Swedish approach to sustainable development. Part 2
The retrospective exposition has gone on display in five rooms of the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv
...And elements of lifestyle (a tour of the Lviv Museum of Ethnography)

The Day: №36, (2018)

Last week Den’s journalist Valentyn Torba presented his film Luhansk: Occupation at the Kyiv House of Cinema
Lawyer: “Although the law on the Anticorruption Court has been passed, the leadership got the upper hand”
Artist Andrii Yermolenko drew a series of placards on the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and explained why it must be boycotted
A German study tries to determine which perception of Ukraine is prevailing in German society
How America and Canada were able to watch the coronation of Her Majesty which took place 65 years ago
Ulo VOOGLAID: “Democracy is a function of culture – otherwise it turns into a set of public deception ploys”
The Golden Bear winner of the Berlin Film Festival Adina Pintilie discusses the intimacy and phenomenon of the Romanian cinema
There are 16 entomological sanctuaries in the Rivne region
Ternopil artist Olesia Hudyma’s paintings will appear on stamps of Ukrposhta
A romantic mode of transport has appeared in the city on the Buh River

The Day: №35, (2018)