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Gennadiі Vykhodtsev, Foxtrot: "Strengthened Points of Invincibility in Frontline Regions"

15 January, 09:40

«Points  of invincibility" in 3 frontline areas received help from Foxtrot

  As part of the corporate program "Helping Our" to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainians in the fight against the Russian aggressor, Foxtrot provided equipment to equip "points of invincibility" in Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv and Kherson. Through its partners - regional offices of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine - the company transferred the necessary equipment for the operation and equipment of places where residents can get help, recharge equipment and warm up during power outages in the city.

In 6 districts of Zaporozhye, stationary «Points of Invincibility», organized by rescuers, have become more comfortable, thanks to kettles, electric stoves, and microwaves from Foxtrot. The equipment will help the people of Zaporizhzhia to survive this winter in the conditions of direct military operations in the regional center and part of the front-line region.

"Foxtrot" aid in Mykolaiv included network equipment (extension cords and USB ports for charging electronic devices), electric kettles and Internet equipment (routers) for 13 "points of Invincibility".

  - We would like to thank the company "Foxtrot", which during the war helped the units of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the Halytsyniv detachment of the local fire brigade in everyday matters, as well as in the work of the Points of Invincibility, deployed by the units of the Main Department in the city of Mykolaiv and in the territory of the region, - says Illyana Patsyuk , head of the department of relations with the mass media and work with the public of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Mykolaiv region. - This kind of support is extremely important, especially at such a difficult time, when hostilities related to military aggression by the russian federation are taking place on the territory of Ukraine.

The help from "Foxtrot" in Kherson is just getting ready to work in full: in connection with active enemy shelling, the mobile Points of Invincibility in the territory of the Kherson region and in the city of Kherson were closed for security purposes. But in Kherson, there are 6 stationary Points of Invincibility, where citizens can turn if necessary. It was to these points that the equipment received from Foxtrot was distributed. Other equipment is kept on the balance sheet of the Regional State Emergency Service and will be used after the resumption of operation of the inviolability points.

 - Since 2008,  Foxtrot has been a partner of the regional offices of the State Emergency Service in the prevention of safety rules among schoolchildren, - says Gennadiї Vykhodtsev, Chairman of the Board of Founders of the Foxtrot Group of Companies. - During the war, the synergy only strengthened: as soon as the partners began to deploy the Points of Invincibility, we ourselves offered help in arranging their lives in the front-line regions of Ukraine. In just 9 months of the war, Foxtrot helped rescuers with 30 requests received from 20 regional Head Offices of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

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