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The 33rd Parad Nadij will be held in Kyiv and will support the defenders of the sky of Ukraine

23 March, 16:29

The oldest ballroom dance tournament in Ukraine will be held as part of the Kyiv charity tour of dance festivals in support of Ukrainian defenders "Everything will be Ukraine!"

On March 25, the 33rd sports dance tournament "Parad Nadij -2023" will be held in Kyiv. The organizer of the tournament, Valentina Fedorchuk (founder of the Fedorchuk Sport Dance School, Honored Sports Dance Coach of Ukraine, judge of the highest category of the World Dance Council) founded this competition 33 years ago. And in 2023, Valentina Fedorchuk defined the goal of Parade-2023 as helping the defenders of independent of Ukraine and preserving the national dance sport.

The war changed the format of the traditional  Parad Nadij competitions, strengthened security measures: the organizers shortened the competition from the traditional two days to one, rented a room can be used as the simplest shelter.

Five separate parades are organized so that athletes of all categories have time to show their skills to domestic and foreign judges. Two dozen judges have been invited to the referee's team, among them Jonathan Wilkins from the USA, Marek Kosaty from Poland, Ukrainian judges with the highest judging category - Dmitry Vlokh, Vitaly Hryhorovich, Marina Andrusenko, Mashin Igor and others.

The tournament program is planned so that in the first half of the competition day (1-3 divisions) children (athletes up to 8 years old), juveniles (8-12 years old) and juniors (up to 16 years old) will take to the dance floor. In the second part of the competition day, judges and spectators will evaluate the skills of the athletes in the Adult and Pro-Am categories (a pair of a coach and his student). The highlight of the tournament will be the performance of athletes in the "First Steps" category (children up to 8 years old) and "Seniors" (from 50 years and older). In the evening, the jubilee 20th Foxtrot cup for the best dance performance will also be played: the 20th tournament is held with the support of the Foxtrot Group of Companies and business co-founder Gennady Vykhodtsev. Each section will traditionally begin with a parade of participants - dancing couples will enter the dance floor to a unique greeting from the judges and spectators. And growth doll vixen Foxy will bring the athletes to the dance floor.

Even the philosophy of the Parad Nadij -2023 received a modern update: "The hope of victory must be in everyone!". Therefore, part of the funds received for the entrance tickets to the tournament will be transferred by the organizers through the BON fund to the needs of the Air Force of Ukraine.

And Foxtrot plans to increase the tranche from the organizers of the tournament by the same amount, since from September 2022 the company helps the defenders of the sky and air defense forces of 14 military units with equipment.

- We were preparing hard for the 33rd "Parad Nadij" in 2022, but the damned war ruined all the plans. But for me, the number 33 has a magical meaning, and I believe that it will bring Victory, Hope and Joy. I pray to God for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which give us the opportunity to work, train and prepare for competitions, - Valentina Fedorchuk says.

- The organizers showed defied the war and are preparing a festival of sports, beauty and grace, and we are glad to support them in such a difficult time. Let every participant feel like a winner at the 33rd Parade, because the more winners there are in , the closer our general Victory of Ukraine is, - said Oleksiy Zozulya, executive director of Foxtrot, which has been a partner of the Parade Nadij since 2003 and the initiator of the Cup of the same name.

The team of partners of the tournament in 2023 included well-known domestic companies. A kind partner - the "Gulliver Country" brand and the children's toy store "GULLIVER" will congratulate the youngest winners of the competition.

Adult winners will receive not only cash prizes from the organizers, but also congratulations from the alcoholic holding BAYADERA GROUP, a partner of small and big victories. The YoDance dance store prepares its gifts for successful athletes.

Media partners are invited to provide informational support to the "Parade Nadij 2023": the all-Ukrainian publication "Dzerkalo Tyzhnia. ZN,UA ", the "Interfax-Ukraine" news agency, the OBOZREVATEL media holding and the all-Ukrainian newspaper "Den". Internet support is provided by "FLYMARK DANCE". The special information partner is "Weekend in Kyiv". National Agency for Strategic Communications is snformation coordinator.

Parade Nadij-2023 will take place in Kyiv, at the Institute of Physical Education of National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport.

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