Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№29, (2011)

26.05.2011 - 00:00

Pawel ZALEWSKI: Ukraine’s membership will reinforce the EU

Last Friday, Pawel ZALEWSKI, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Economic Integration, Legal Approximation and Convergence with EU Policies in the framework of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly;...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

Small business still runs the risk of tax minimization despite promises of “simplification”

The government has finished drawing up the law on a simplified tax system (No.8521) and asked the parliament to pass it as soon as possible. “Changes to the Tax Code reflect a maximal...
26.05.2011 - 00:00


Dnister power plant to export electricity  The second unit of the nation’s biggest ongoing electric industry project, the Dnister pumped storage power plant, which is being built on...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

Belarus on the verge of default

MINSK — Belarusian authorities have devaluated the Belarusian ruble by 55 percent. Some sources point to a panic in the capital city, with people frantically buying all kinds of goods....
26.05.2011 - 00:00

Child cycling race to take place in Ukraine

Ukraine will host a unique event: “Dyvohonka,” a children’s cycling race. It will be held from May 21 to June 4. It is aimed to develop and encourage children to cycle and to...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

“Intolerance is the basis of political capital in Ukraine”

ZHYTOMYR — Political experts have recently started speaking about a “radicalization of social sentiment.” It appears in sociological surveys and Internet comments; when it comes to dealing with the...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

Two diplomats

There are no two people, no matter how close they are by nature, who would behave totally in the same way under the same circumstances. This also applies to well-known historical personalities. It...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

Kyiv has the best musicians!

The Third International Festival for Children and Youth Art Premium is being held in Kyiv May 17 through 30. It consists of two parts: the instrumental contest (which finished on May 23), and the...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

VV’s twenty-fifth anniversary

In all probability our newspaper has not missed any of the significant events in VV’s or Oleh Skrypka’s life: the band’s 20th anniversary, the festivals Kraina Mrii and Rock-Sich...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

How is our young art faring?

Last week the Kyiv-based Modern Art Institute hosted the opening of a competition exhibit as part of the MUKHi project, which displays works by young Ukrainian artists. The project is primarily...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

Army reform

It’s going to be a year since Ukraine officially became a nonaligned country, according to the adopted law “On the principles of domestic and foreign policy.” Hence, Ukraine had...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

A cosmic artist

What has society seen and remembered over the past days, weeks and months? Ruins, vandalism, brutality, provocations, invectives, and filth. The Red flag has returned to Ukraine and there have been...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

This day in history

1648: Cossack troops, led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky, defeat the Poles in the Battle of Korsun. 1920: Red Army units start a counteroffensive on the Southwestern Front, meant to seize Kyiv. 1926: In Paris...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

Express German visas and lawsuits in Ukraine

Hans-Jurgen Heimsoeth, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Ukraine, told a press conference yesterday that new entry visa procedures were legally effective for frequent...
26.05.2011 - 00:00

Obama speaks on close alliance and world leadership

US president stated that he had come to confirm the strong alliance between the US and Great Britain, which is of greatest importance in the world: “Even as more nations take on the...


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