Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№33, (2007)

06.11.2007 - 00:00

Not too late

On Nov. 1, 2007, the 34th General Conference of UNESCO, consisting of 193 countries, unanimously adopted the resolution “Remembrance of Victims of the Great Famine (Holodomor) in Ukraine.” Recalling...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Traps for Ukrainian migrant workers

Since the start of 2007, around 500 Ukrainian migrant workers have died while doing a variety of jobs abroad, most of them middle- aged men killed on the job. Similar hazards befall women. There are...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

This right is ours

The unusual life of Hetman Ivan Mazepa and his long-lasting, effective activity for the good of Ukraine were conducive to the firm conviction among patriotically minded Ukrainians that this colossal...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

This week in history

Nov. 6 1943: Troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front liberate Kyiv, the capital city of Soviet Ukraine, during the Second World War. 2001: President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine pays a one-day working visit to...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Does a new law violate children’s rights?

All children who end up in orphanages for various reasons dream of having a real family. Now the process of adoption or legalization of guardianship may become more complicated. Employees of the...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Knight of music

The light is dimmed and only the soloists, Sonia Suldina (violin) and Valerii Mykhaliuk (piano), and the composer’s portrait are illuminated. A soft melody soars in the air, enchanting the audience...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Transport of death

On Oct. 27 and Nov. 1-4, 1937, at a tract of land in southern Karelia known as Sandarmokh, Captain Mikhail Matveev executed 1,111 inmates of the Solovky [Rus. Solovki] Special-Purpose Forced Labor...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

What is Soviet power and why are we still talking about it?

The year 2007 is rich in jubilees that stand out from the anniversary of a fundamental event - the February Revolution in Russia. This year we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Central Rada...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Jazz circle

Jazz-Kolo (Jazz Circle) was founded with the goal of bringing the Ukrainian jazz scene, which is practically in the underground at the moment, to a new level. This is the brainchild of Ihor Zakus, a...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Interpuppet 2007

Small naughty puppets are impatient by nature. Once every two years they visit Uzhhorod for the Interpuppet Festival, which is famous among puppeteers throughout the world. The organizers of this...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

The French view

After President Nicolas Sarkozy came to power in France, he announced ambitious plans concerning the development of the European Union and increasing France’s role in the world. What difficulties...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Yushchenko’s “leading lights”

President Victor Yushchenko’s visit to Romania left a rather strange impression. On the one hand, the right words on neighborly relations and constructivism were said, and the first session of the...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

The secrets of Mt. Sekirnaia

The Solovets Islands, commonly referred to as Solovky in Ukrainian, boast Mt. Sekirnaia, a gem of the northern environs. It is a captivatingly scenic spot, but here you must behave as though you are...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Precisely and subtly about art

Exclusive material about Kira Muratova’s film Two in One (photos from the set and a report on the filming), information about the most interesting contemporary artists working in Ukraine today —...
06.11.2007 - 00:00

Not just a decoration

The Art-Kyiv art fair can now claim the title of the biggest and only event of this format and scale in Ukraine. For the second time it is presenting Ukrainian paintings of the 20th and 21st...


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