Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert
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№36, (2003)

25.11.2003 - 00:00

Prince Kostiantyn Ostrozky: Incredible Zigzags in the Life Story of “Russian Scipio”

It is difficult to overestimate the role of Ostroh and the glorious dynasty of princes Ostrozky in the history of Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general. The city located in the very hub of Greater...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

2004 Target Plan 2004 Approaches

It is intended that the Ukraine- NATO Target Plan for 2004 will be approved on December 5 during a regular session of the Ukraine-NATO Commission to be held in Brussels on the level of foreign...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

Realignment of Forces

Last Tuesday, Verkhovna Rada did not see a new velvet revolution — not because it was impossible, but because it was unnecessary for the time being. Meanwhile, a conflict in the parliament still...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

<I>The Day</I>’s Readers Remember

Ihor KOPOTIYENKO, Candidate of Science in History; Chairman, Dnipropetrovsk Association of Researchers of the Manmade Famine and Genocide: “The manmade famine left an indelible imprint in my mind...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

Crimea Comes First

The Cultural Heritage Museum hosts an exhibition of paintings by a Yalta artist Stepan Yarovy (1913-1988). Stepan Yarovy was a famous landscape painter or, more specifically, a painter of...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

Will Ukraine manage to gain a foothold in the Latin American market?

The largest and most populous country in South America, Brazil stands out for its expanding economy. Known as the carnival country, it nonetheless ranks among the leaders of the space industry. The...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

Humanity in Infernal Abyss

The Dukh i Litera (Spirit and Letter) publishers have recently turned out the book, Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky. Documents and Materials of 1941-1944, on the metropolitan’s activities during the...
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25.11.2003 - 00:00

Is the Ukrainian Genocide a Myth?

In 1988 the US Commission on the Ukraine Famine arrived at nineteen findings, among them (No. 16) that what happened to the Ukrainians in 1932-1933 constituted genocide. This was, in fact, the most...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

The European Court: 1,732 Petitions Against Ukraine

The European Court of Human Rights has thus far received nearly 8,000 petitions against Ukraine, and the court statistics suggest that this number is steadily increasing, Interfax Ukraine quotes the...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

Elegance of Objects

A personal exhibition of two Ukrainian designers, Yury Ryntov and Volodymyr Bondarenko, opened a new cultural project titled Object No. 2003, initiated by the Viche Ukrayiny Fund, Davis Cara studio,...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

<I>The Day</I> Helped to erect Gates between Ukraine and Europe

After World War II, the Ukrainian-Slovakian border divided the village of Selmentsy into two parts: Small Selmentsy in Ukraine and Big Selmentsy in the Republic of Slovakia. Now the two villages are...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s residence to be founded in Chyhyryn

Preserving cultural and historical heritage is vital for every nation willing to preserve its identity. However, many questions remain unanswered after the Day of the Government parliamentary...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

Even for the President Things Can Go Wrong

At his latest press conference, President Leonid Kuchma, commenting on alleged assassination threats against Our Ukraine leader Viktor Yushchenko, surprised the journalists with a statement that his...
25.11.2003 - 00:00

“Russia sees no fundamental difference between the Holodomor in Ukraine and famines elsewhere in the former Soviet Union”

On October 16-18, Vicenza (Italy) hosted Western Europe’s first scholarly forum on the issues of the Ukrainian Holodomor Manmade Famine of 1932-33. The symposium, dedicated to the seventieth...