Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№37, (2006)

21.11.2006 - 00:00

The stormy day

In putting together a complete biography of Volodymyr Svidzinsky, a researcher must first of all determine its parameters and the quintessence of the poet. It is also important to establish...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Ukraine went through hell — this was the genocide

As I touch the little box shrubs, violets, and marigolds and look at the surprisingly living photo of a smiling man, which is attached near the cross on the grave of my late husband, in spite of the...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

In the direction of the “main attack”

The sharp rise in gas prices and the poor state of public utilities are forcing the Ukrainian government to tackle this problem at the topmost level. Addressing the National Security and Defense...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Peter and Doris Kule create endowment to fund Ukrainian Diaspora studies

The well-known philanthropists, Drs. Peter and Doris Kule, have given a lead donation to create an endowment at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies in support of the Ukrainian Diaspora...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Old letters about fundamentals

A genius is always an eternal enigma if only for the simple reason that he sees what others do not, and in a way that is unfathomable both to ordinary mortals and learned people. This unique capacity...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

My Dziuba

On Nov. 17, 2006 a roundtable on “The Phenomenon of Ivan Dziuba” took place at the Ukrainian Home. It was organized by the National Council on Issues of Culture and Spirituality, a body attached to...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Solomia Krushelnytska and Italy

Solomia Krushelnytska found her last repose at Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv, beside the grave of the Great Stonemason, Ivan Franko. Although she died in middle age, the prima donna’s passing was a...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Yushchenko counts on Yanukovych to guide Ukraine to NATO

“I welcome you to Ukraine where freedom of expression, freedom of choosing one’s stand, and freedom of choice reign supreme. As a rule, the emergence of freedom is appreciated when it is absent. This...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Not enough information

The majority of the adult population in Ukraine — more than 94 percent — have heard or read about the famine of 1932 — 1933. The best informed people are residents of the country’s central region (15...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Ostroh Bible brought to Kyiv

The 9th International Book World book fair is an irrefutable argument in the debate with those who consider books obsolete and a thing of the past. More than 250 publishers represented at the exhibit...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Adrian Jakobovits de SZEGED: “Tiraspol’s current policy is a dead end for Transdnistria”

Despite the efforts of the international community, the Transdnistrian problem appears beyond settlement. Nor was it helped by the initiative to resolve it “through democracy,” as proposed by the...
21.11.2006 - 00:00


The organizers of the beauty contest at Ostroh Academy National University have adopted a new approach. Every year on the university’s anniversary the female students organize a beauty contest named...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Ministers “suspended” for two weeks

The three-hour report by Minister of Foreign Affairs Borys Tarasiuk and Minister of Defense Anatolii Hrytsenko ended with a two-week pause during which Ukraine’s parliamentarians will assess their...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

The “so-called” Holodomor

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sees no grounds for recognizing the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine as an act of genocide on an ethnic basis, reads the statement issued by the ministry’s press...
21.11.2006 - 00:00

Kyiv won’t be European Capital of Culture until it joins EU

The Council of Europe has designated the Turkish capital of Istanbul as the European Capital of Culture in 2010. Kyiv and Istanbul were the main competitors for this title. We lost our last chance-...


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