Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert
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№5, (2007)

13.02.2007 - 00:00

Gamma knife only hope

“Kostia, I never had such a feeling as when I met you. You are an extraordinary person with a big heart. I wish you the best of luck in your life.” “Dear Kostia, you are a good student, friend, and...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Lyricist of realistic art

Despite the dubious conjuncture of Soviet times, and his career and commercial ambitions, the artist Ihor Chamata has always engaged in painting and teaching pupils at a private studio. No doubt...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

William TAYLOR: “If elements of anti-ballistic missile defense are deployed, the US and Europe will be more secure”

The possible deployment of elements of an anti-ballistic missile defense system on the territory of the Czech Republic and Poland is being widely discussed in the political circles of Europe, Russia...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Freedom and responsibility

Last Monday Volodymyr Rizun, the well-known journalist and director of the Institute of Journalism at Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, celebrated his 50th birthday. For his achievements in...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

World Bank’s Shigeo Katsu says Ukraine should prefer open economy to closed doors

My meeting with Shigeo Katsu, the vice-president for the Europe and Central Asia Region of the World Bank, took place on Feb. 6 when the World Bank Mission opened a new office in Kyiv. Katsu pursued...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Senators’ support

Fourteen US senators have proposed a bill to the US Senate on the necessity for Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO and for financial support to help these countries enter the North Atlantic alliance....
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Subsidizing a square meter

The Construction Chamber of Ukraine has unveiled the draft law “On the State’s Support of Providing Citizens with Housing and the Development of Residential Construction.” The draft was prepared and...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Municipal theaters in today’s Kyiv: a new dimension

How many theaters does a city need? And a capital? For instance, there are more than five hundred of them in Paris — of different forms of ownership, organization, artistic profiles and genres, of a...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Live sound of Tempora Publishers

The Dzhaz-kolo (Jazz-circle) project was successfully launched on Feb. 6 at the cultural-artistic center of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Its initiators are Ihor Zakus, the well-known Kyiv jazzman, bass...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Coal as a life-buoy

The Day’s correspondents attended a board meeting at the Makiivvuhillia state-run coal mine, chaired by Coal Industry Minister Serhii TULUB. Ukraine’s coal industry is becoming an area of very...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Spiritual contact

It looks as though Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko’s working visit to Germany was a success this time. He finally met Chancellor Angela Merkel, which he failed to do last year. On Oct. 3, 2006...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

Kruty-2 only a matter of time

LUHANSK - Our post-genocidal society is by definition a community of morally deformed people from all walks of life - from ordinary citizens to government officials. The vast majority of the former...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

The hidalgo of Kachanivka

The name of Vasyl Tarnovsky Sr. is most often mentioned in connection with the life of Taras Shevchenko, although he is a self- sufficient figure in his own right. This serene personality deserves...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

This week in history

Feb. 13 1942: The forcible Nazi deportation of Ukrainians to the Third Reich begins. 1960: The Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR adopts a resolution setting up factory schools as well as...
13.02.2007 - 00:00

The names of memory: the Holocaust and the Holodomor

Serhii Bukovsky’s film Say Your Name, whose premiere in October 2006 was one of the most important cinema events of the season, will now be seen by the public at large. The film will be screened at...