Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№72, (2017)

23.11.2017 - 11:20

Characters of Dignity

“The Maidan occurred under extreme circumstances when people had to take the fate of the country in their own hands. It was like a fever, a sign that the body was fighting the disease,”...
23.11.2017 - 11:09

Volodymyr VIATROVYCH on national memory

Volodymyr VIATROVYCH, director of the National Institute of Remembrance, is a “highly demanded” public personality – especially now that national and historical memory is an...
23.11.2017 - 10:52

“What is my favorite profession? To serve people!”

On the phone, Bobby Horton sings about how “away from Mississippi’s vale / With my ol’ hat there for a sail / I crossed upon a cotton bale / To Rose of Alabama....
22.11.2017 - 17:15

“Failures are a great honor and should not be feared”

“Going Global: Israeli-Ukrainian Innovation Day,” held as part of Jerusalem Days in Kyiv, helped Ukrainians understand to some degree the secret of Israel’s success in this sphere....
22.11.2017 - 17:13

“Historic day”

Late in the evening of November 20, the Japanese Embassy in Ukraine hosted a ceremony of opening the office of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Ukraine’s key strategic...
22.11.2017 - 16:55

There will be no Jamaica coalition

Late on November 19, leader of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) Christian Lindner announced that his political force was quitting the talks on forming a new ruling coalition that lasted for...
22.11.2017 - 16:45

Love as special need

He turned up holding a copy of Vesti whose front page carried his photo and a sensational headline, “Poroshenko’s Friend High and Dry.” “What a disgusting manipulation,...
22.11.2017 - 16:42

“One literature for all”

“Conrad had done long ago what I only wait for some Ukrainian writer to do. I mean someone daring to tell the whole world something about the whole world without limiting oneself in any way...
22.11.2017 - 16:40

Judith Gough has received... The Crown

While on an assignment in eastern Ukraine, Den/The Day’s reporters presented a copy of The Crown, or Heritage of the Rus’ Kingdom, which is the latest book publication of our newspaper,...