Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№8, (2012)

09.02.2012 - 00:00

Lessening of social tension. Romanian style

Replacement of prime minister of Romania took place very quickly: the President Traian Basescu appointed the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Mihai Razvan Ungureanu aged 43 in the position...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

Ukrainian carriers not meeting UEFA standards?

Ukrainian carriers will not be able to make money during Euro-2012. Ukraine is going to allow foreign transport companies to be in charge of passenger traffic operations on the territory of our...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

Festival of ice sculptures opened in Cherkasy

The Festival of Ice Sculptures Kryzhtal opened in the city public garden behind the Ob­last Council building. The fes­ti­val is held for the fifth year in a row and every time the organizers choo­se...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

Viktor Yanukovych had to speak accompanied by oppositionists’ shouts

The Ukrainian parliament has seen a lot of creativity: Leonid Kuchma given bast shoes, one of the spea­kers pelted with eggs and even anti-NATO balloons hang up in the chamber. Recent Viktor...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

Borys TARASIUK: Washington is revising its policy in regard to Ukraine

Recent events make one won­der about the relations between Ukraine and the Uni­ted States, about how Wa­shing­ton sees the si­tuation in this country. Last week, Yevhenia Tymo...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

Archeologists have doubts

The Center is planned to be lo­cated in the city of Novhorod-Siversky that was described in the lyric and epic tale, mas­ter­piece of ancient literature. How­ever, it’s not all that easy – archeo­...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

This day in history

1648: Bohdan Khmelnytsky is elected as Hetman of Ukraine. 1667: Muscovy and the Polish Kingdom (Rzeczpospolita) make the Truce of Andrusovo, whereby Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

Philharmonic Hall or University building?

The authorities of the Volyn oblast want to arrange a philharmonic hall in the building of the old station officers’ club. However, at the moment this building in downtown Lutsk is in rather...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

Ukraine and Russia – 20 years without empire: historical lessons

(Continuation; for beginning see the previous issues)Yu.A.: “This is a very sore point. The distorted Russian society emerges from three rather different angles. A part of the distortion has its...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

“LitAktsent of the Year”: the winners and anti-laureates

On February 3, the awarding ceremony of the literary prize “LitAktsent of the Year,” esta­bli­shed by the Internet publication LitAktsent, was held. The expert group of the prize keeps track of the...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

The princess and her four-legged long-tailed furry friends

It is a remarkable event for all Ukrainian animal wel­fare ad­vo­­cates, as Bul­­ga­rian ve­te­ri­narians have been sterilizing Kyiv’s stray dogs and cats free of charge, se­ven days a week, using...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

Putin’s post-election agenda

The return of President Vladimir Putin in next month’s Russian elections is depicted by official statements as doubly vital for the country’s national security. First, it will allegedly...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

In the middle of Europe, in the middle of the action

That’s how Ukraine is step­ping into the leap year 2012. What it will bring mankind, Europeans, Ukrai­nians, is any­one’s guess. One thing is certain: much will depend on us...
09.02.2012 - 00:00

“You will find high-quality music if you want”

On average, Boombox gives 100 concerts a year (it makes nearly three days) in Europe, Asia, and North America. Its albums are released simultaneously in several countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan...


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