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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

34 Moments of Molody Theater

Renowned Kyiv theater opens new season on September 20 with the play Marinated Aristocrat
20 September, 2012 - 00:00
Photo from the archive of the Molody Theater

This play has become favorite for many fans of Kyiv Academic Molody Theater (staged after the play of a contemporary playwright, British citizen with Ukrainian roots, Irena Koval). During the play audience will have to disengage from everyday life because before them the story of Ukrainian actor-dreamer will unfold. The main role is played by a famous actor Oleksii Vertynsky. His character finds himself in difficult financial situation and is going to England to earn some money. There he has to take care of and entertain two eccentric old people. At some points in the whirlpool of these events there appears longing for real values, aching feelings about the situation of Ukrainian people in the global community and chronic dream to get out of the usual “marinade.” Actors Irma Vitovska, Valerii Lehin, and Viktoria Avdieienko also perform in this play.

The theater begins this year’s season with a new leader – famous director Andrii Bilous, who is the acting artistic director of the Molody Theater. A number of premieres will be presented: at times they will be provoking and intriguing, and some will be sentimental, emotional, and touching. For example, “director-provocateur” Andrii Mai will present to the audience the play KomA based on the texts of German authors Volker Schmidt and Georg Staudacher. The play will be provocative due to several factors. Firstly, the action takes place in unique, unusual space format. KomA will not have a permanent place of action, therefore, the audience will not just observe what is happening but will also have to go along with the actors and participate directly in the performance. Secondly, the theme of the play is quite extreme: the cruelty of young souls, the loss of moral values, and a complete mental destruction of young people who are still studying at school. And, finally, the audience will have the feeling of being a part of a documentary and will be able to find answers to rather painful questions: how to overcome the feeling of helplessness, guilt, and pathologic anxiety for the future, how to avoid destruction of morality and love by the hands of very young people.

Director Mykola Yaremkiv, known for his performances Kaidashi, Witch of Konotop, and others will present the staging of the play Suicide by Nikolai Erdman. This satire on social laws and principles will tell the story of a person, who lives in the situation when everyone is manipulated and others impose norms and truths beneficial to them. The main character is completely deprived of choice: not only in what concerns his way of life, but also in what concerns the way to die. And it is not surprising that the play that was written in 1928 is absolutely topical in today’s conditions.

Molody Theater will also have in its repertoire the touching and lyrical comedy Four Women of one John or Girls are Getting Married based on the play by Florid Buliakov. It is an intimate narrative about four women who have everything in the past: deaths of their men, war, love. However, they still have their sense of humor and thirst for life, desire to communicate and, so to speak, to keep abreast of the world around them.

Director Taras Kryvoruchenko will present the comedy by Luigi Pirandello The Man, The Beast and The Virtue. The author defined the genre of the play as an “allegory in three acts” and, therefore, it will be about morals and their conventionality. The performance is a great stimulus for reflection and can just as well entertain the audience with bright work of actors and unexpected paradoxical theatrical situations.

Young director Anton Romanov will present his play Eyes of a Blue Dog written by Kira Malinina based on the text of the famous Latin American Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Delicate, refined story so much in the author’s style on the verge between dreams and reality will sound like a lyric song on the stage of the theater and will let the audience enjoy the art. Andrii Ivaniuk will suggest his version of the story of the world-wide known artist Frida Kahlo. Despite the fact that Frida appeared on theater stages and in films a great number of times, the performance in the Molody Theater will have an original approach: it will be a story about a woman and also her feelings a short time after she found out about a betrayal.

Therefore, the new theater season in the Molody Theater promises to be colorful, vibrant, experimental, and, of course, young and inspirational.