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Henry M. Robert

Chernivtsi now has its own artistic descent

18 October, 2011 - 00:00

Following Kyiv and Lviv’s example, Chernivtsi now has its own artistic descent. It will be located in the historic center of the city at the Turkish Well Square. Handmade products of Bukovynian folk arts masters and paintings by professional artists will be on offer there. The idea of the Chernivtsi descent came from honored artist of Ukraine Mykola Shkribliak. He came forward with this proposal years ago, during preparations for the city’s 600th anniversary. Architecture and urban planning council of Chernivtsi supported the idea but its implementation was delayed for three years due to the square’s ongoing reconstruction. “We have stylized permanent wooden stores in the square through covering them with tiles, so as to harmonize the stores with the general composition of the square, which partially preserves architectural elements going back to the Turkish era,” says head of the Chernivtsi city council’s socio-economic development department Volodymyr Pulynets. He adds: “Given that the cold season is coming, the stores will be open only on weekends in the coming months, but they will be open every day beginning with spring of 2012.” Currently, the square houses 16 permanent stores. Their number would increase should the need arise, and wooden huts will be complemented with Turkish yurt-like tents during holidays and festivals, when folk arts masters will come to Chernivtsi from all parts of the Bukovyna and other regions of Ukraine.

By Anna HARHALIA, Chernivtsi