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3 November, 2009 - 00:00

Ukraine admitted to ECOSOC

Ukraine, the US, and 20 more countries were admitted to the UN Economic and Social Council by secret ballot during a plenary meeting of the ECOSOC General Assembly. ECOSOC was founded under the UN Charter as a major body responsible for economic and social interrelationships among the states, as well as for cooperation in the spheres of culture, health care, employment, and human rights. It coordinates the efforts of 14 special UN agencies, 14 commissions, and 11 foundations and programs. ECOSOC has at its disposal over 70 percent of UN human and financial resources. Ukraine and Slovakia were chosen from among Eastern European countries; Belgium, Italy, Canada, and the US were admitted from the group of Western European and other countries; Argentina, the Bahamas, and Chile, from among Latin American and Caribbean countries; Bangladesh, Iraq, and the Philippines, from Asia; Ghana, Egypt, Zambia, Comoros, and Rwanda, from Africa. Four more countries — Australia, Malta, Turkey, and Finland were chosen to replace Greece, New Zealand, Portugal, and Sweden, which had traditionally requested ahead-of-schedule transfer of authority one year ahead of the formal expiration of their ECOSOC mandates.

Technical carbon production to be suspended until November 14

In late October the Kremenchuk Technical Carbon Plant in Poltava oblast decided to stop production completely until November 14 to carry out the scheduled repairs of production units, journalists were told by its director Viacheslav Yavorsky. He said: “We will clean up and check the substations and gas pipelines.” He added that these repair works were previously scheduled for the end of September, then for mid-October, but the schedule had to be changed due to contracts. The plant sells most of its products to such large tire manufacturers as Michelin (France), Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (US), Continental AG (Germany), as well as to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Canada.

Ukrainian pool players: Europe’s best

Ukraine’s male pool playing team won the entire set of medals during the European Free Pyramid Championships held in Minsk (Belarus) on October 22–25, reports Ukrinform. Two Ukrainians, Oleksandr Palamar and Yaroslav Tarnovetsky, vied in the finals. Palamar won the champion’s title for the third time, beating his rival 7:2. The Ukrainian Yaroslav Vynokur won the bronze medal, sharing the third place with the Russian Einar Zamaleev. Yurii Pavlenko, Ukraine’s Minister for Family, Youth and Sports, congratulated the Ukrainian players and their coaches on their exemplary performance during the championship and wished them success during the World Free Pyramid Championship scheduled to be held on November 18–21 in Novosibirsk (Russia). The European championships gathered contestants from 12 countries: 62 male and 31 female players. The Ukrainian national team was made up of ten men and five women.