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Flower named after Lina Kostenko

Ternopil-based flower breeder comes up with a new iris species
15 June, 2010 - 00:00

A flower exhibit in Ternopil displayed a new iris species developed by Ihor Khorosh, a local breeder who named it after the noted Ukrainian poet, Lina Kostenko, in commemoration of her jubilee, reports UKRINFORM. This iris has snow-white upper and gentle golden lower petals. There were also varieties called Heart of the Ocean, Your Majesty, I’m Yours, and some 700 others. This was the tenth such exhibit in Ternopil. “Most of these varieties were developed by noted American, Australian, French, and German breeders. There are also my varieties. I have 87 in all and they are officially registered with an International Iris Society,” says Ihor Khorosh. His Dolphin and Mermaid was named among Top Ten at the International Iris Competition in Florence. Khorosh has created a dazzlingly beautiful iris valley in Ternopil. His cherished dream is to have a collection of Dykes Medal winning irises in his orchard.