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Healthy and Fine!

An active lifestyle festival was held in Donetsk
07 November, 11:36
Photo by Oleksandr YERMOCHENKO

Over 500 Donetsk citizens gathered in the Sokol Park to show everyone the healthy lifestyle’s wonderful relevance. In fact, the organizers chose “Healthy and Fine” as the name of the event involving community activists and university students. Its simple aim is to promote the healthy lifestyle based on sports, physical training, adequate nutrition, psychological assistance, etc. Throughout the day, the event’s participants held workshops in Tae Bo (a fitness technique incorporating elements of Oriental martial arts), yoga, workout etc. in the park. Moreover, nutritionists and psychologists provided advice, while a late evening fire show marked the festival’s closure. The event crowned a large year-long program of the healthy lifestyle promotion. During the year, the organizers took to the streets and staged mass exercises and trainings. The project coordinator and the Donetsk-based Foundation of Regional Initiatives representative Oleksandr Kudriavtsev said he was satisfied with the result: “We have seen many different people over the year, and most of them are now involved with the sports, as they have started to attend various sports clubs, eat healthily, etc. Therefore, we have done our job, although, of course, I would like to see even more people join.” The festival has closed for the winter, but the organizers state their intent to continue working actively in the field.

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