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A masterpiece in blue and yellow colors

A Sotheby’s auction saw painter Mark Rothko’s work Untitled sold for 46.5 million dollars
18 May, 18:32
Photo from the website TODAYONLINE.COM

As noted by Business Insider, Rothko painted this abstraction that resembles the colors of the flag of Ukraine in 1954. It had been estimated at between 40 and 60 million dollars. It was also reported that this painting by Rothko, once owned by American socialite Rachel Mellon, was the most expensive work to be sold on May 13. Mark Rothko was an American artist of Latvian origin. He is considered to be a founder of the color field painting movement and a leading representative of the abstract expressionism school. Rothko ranks with the most expensive artists of the late 20th century. As noted by Delfi, the master’s most valuable work was sold in 2012 when his painting Orange, Red, Yellow fetched 86.7 million dollars at a Christie’s auction. We have also received reports of two other records set at a Christie’s auction in New York the day before. Pablo Picasso’s 1955 painting Women of Algiers (Version O) was sold for 179 million dollars, while Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture Pointing Man fetched 141 million.

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