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Picasso and Rodin in Kyiv

“Masterpieces of World Sculpture” to be seen at Mystetsky Arsenal
12 November, 2015 - 12:31
Photo by Oleksii IVANOV

Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Salvador Dali, Alberto and Diego Giacometti, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Oleksandr Arkhypenko – those names alone are enough to make your head spin. Almost 150 works by major artists are gathered at the National Art and Culture Museum Complex Mystetsky Arsenal in the framework of the exhibit under the title Masterpieces of World Sculpture. All the items on display come from the private collection of Ihor Voronov, a renowned collector and philanthropist.

The exhibit calls for attention to Mystetsky Arsenal’s burning problems. This museum complex, still unfinished, has been implementing ambitious art projects for five years. “We strive not only to complete the construction of Mystetsky Arsenal, but also to survive,” emphasizes CEO Natalia ZABOLOTNA. “A mighty cultural brand of global level: this is what Mystetsky Arsenal must become after the renovation. But we need help. That is why we decided that the exhibit ‘Masterpieces of World Sculpture’ would also have a charitable touch. We invite our guests not only to see the sculptures by great artists, but also to take part in the development of our museum via buying a ticket.”

“Masterpieces of World Sculpture” will be on display at Mystetsky Arsenal until December 6.

By Maria PROKOPENKO, The Day