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Scuds Will Defend Ukraine

3 November, 1998 - 00:00

"We expect that our neighbors, even if not very pleased, will believe
in the peaceful orientation of our weapons," Missile Force and Artillery
Commander Volodymyr Tereshchenko commented to The Day on the creation
of a new military unit within the Ukrainian Armed Forces, its First Rocket
Division. Its key personnel is come from officers of the strategic nuclear
forces. The new division is expected to receive its banner on November

The newly created division will constitute the basis of Ukraine's deterrence.
The division is armed with R-300 operational and tactical complexes, better
known as Scuds. These were precisely the complexes the Iraqis had during
the Gulf War, causing much disquiet to the Americans. Later, the US demanded
Kyiv also eliminate such missiles from its arsenal in exchange for Ukraine's
entry into the international missile technologies control grid. However,
Kyiv asserted its right to these weapons, and now each of the three missile
brigades of the division is equipped with up to 18 Scuds. The experts recognize
that these complexes are outdated, however they are reliable and can easily
be upgraded. Ukraine is also working along these lines. In particular,
this concerns increasing the operational range of the Scuds produced in
the former USSR, which can hit a target at 308 kilometers. International
accords ban Ukraine having missiles with a range over 580 km. Thus, according
to General Tereshchenko, the upgraded Ukrainian Scuds will have a range
of 460-480 km.

When asked about the reaction of neighboring countries to Ukraine's
"missile long arm" the commander said, "There is no reaction that should
be cause for concern... I personally think that after Ukraine voluntary
gave up its nuclear arsenal, nobody in the world can have any doubts about
our peaceful intentions."