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Silver-smithery on egg shell

“Volhynian Faberge” to enter Ukraine’s Book of Records
25 November, 18:29
Photo from the website BUG.ORG.UA

On November 26 a new record will be officially registered in Kyiv in the nomination “The biggest collection of silver-decorated eggshell.” The author of the works currently on display at the Verkhovna Rada is Anatolii Boiko from Volodymyr-Volynsky. The man has versatile talents: he paints, carves on wood and eggshell, crochets, and embroiders.

The technique of silver-smithery on eggshell is unique, developed by Boiko self, and has no analog worldwide. The silver smith is known in Volodymyr-Volynsky as a philanthropist. The renowned volunteer Kostiantyn Zinkevych told that Boiko have his unique works to be auctioned by local volunteers. Once he suggested giving some of his works away as presents for volunteers. At the moment, the silver smith wants to help rehabilitate former troops who were injured in the east. This would be rehabilitation through art, which helped him, a disabled Afghanistan veteran, find his place in life.

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