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UKROP’s help has reached the frontlines

Volunteers raised almost 152,000 hryvnias during the two-day charity event held at the Mystetsky Arsenal
10 September, 18:21
Photo by Mykola TYMCHENKO, The Day

Organizers of the UKROP charity art festival have just returned from the Donbas, where the activists delivered to the military the equipment bought with this money. Overall, the charity event that took place at the Mystetsky Arsenal on August 30-31 brought 151,971 hryvnias in donations to the volunteers. “We bought radios, binoculars, GPS navigators and one rangefinder, the latter a very expensive device. The equipment has been delivered to two brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the volunteer battalion Kyivan Rus’. The soldiers responded well to our initiative, as they have long been waiting, for example, to get radios,” an initiator of the festival Ivona Kostyna told us.

The Day covered the UKROP festival in its No. 51 on September 3, 2014. Let us recall that the charity festival at the Mystetsky Arsenal involved a charity fair, an auction and workshops, while the festival itself was a fundraiser for the needs of Ukrainian troops serving in the anti-terrorist operation area. Interestingly, it looks like the top “earner” was the sculpture of kneeling Vladimir Putin, carved by Kyiv activist Andrii Kobylinsky. People were taking pictures next to “Putin” and put money in the basket in front of this garden sculpture, amounting to almost 10,000 hryvnias at the end.

The UKROP’s organizers envision similar festivals held in other cities of Ukraine, in particular Lviv and Kharkiv, but there have been no exact plans drafted yet. An initiator of the art festival Kostyna told us: “We are going to repeat the event in the same location in Kyiv in late September and are currently in talks on it.”

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