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This week in history

04 December, 00:00

1638. The Cossack Rada approved the Ordinations (Statute) of the Zaporozhzhian Register Army in the Masliv Stav ravine.

1939. The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR acknowledged fixing the boundaries between the western regions of Ukrainian and Belarus SSRs.

December 5: 1917. The Ukrainian Academy of Arts was founded in Kyiv.

1971. A monument to Taras Shevchenko was unveiled in Buenos Aires.

December 6. The Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

1 932. The Ukrainian SSR announced villages “maliciously” failing to meet their grain quotas were blacklisted.

1991. Ukraine and Hungary signed a treaty On Good-Neighborly Relations and Cooperation.

December 7: 1934. The USSR Council of People’s Commissars passed a decision canceling ration cards for bread, flour, and cereals.

December 8: 1941. The evacuated Kharkiv Comintern Tractor Factory produced its first 25 T-34 tanks.

1991. Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine signed the treaty on the CIS in Brest.

December 9: 1918. The UNR Directory renewed the law on the eight hour workday and right to strike.

1972. The energy block of Europe’s largest hydroelectric station, at Vuhlehirsk in Donetsk oblast, emitted its first power.

December 10: 1932. The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party passed a decision to conduct a party purge in 1933 and cease admitting new members.

1948. The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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