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Yaroslav Dashkevych is an example of intellectual and professional honesty

Rest in peace, world renowned historian, publicist, and public figure
04 March, 00:00

The crisis will end for sure at some point, GDP will start growing again. However, the loss of members of the Ukrainian elite (the real, spiritual one, not the political-financial one), is irreparable.

For Galician classical scholars and all cultured Ukrainians, such a member of the elite was to be found in the person of Yaroslav Dashkevych Ph.D. (History) and Head of the Lviv Department of the Institute of the Ukrainian Studies of Old Texts and Sources at the NAN of Ukraine. In a time of rapid devaluation of national values (which is how we can characterize the latest decade of our history), Dashkevych was a significant for thousands and thousands of people, a living example of intellectual and professional honesty, and a real patriot of Ukraine. He did not give up his beliefs even after a lengthy exile in Siberia. He remained professional and dedicated to culture (his school or historiography, hundreds of works, articles, and essays will acquire a proper appreciation among future generations). On Feb. 25, at the age of 84, the renowned scholar departed for ever. The re-publishing and thorough study of his works, as well as the development of his scholarly and spiritual legacy awaits.

It should be noted that Dashkevych frequently acted as The Day’s expert, above all in the acute questions of Ukrainian-Polish relations. One bid adieu to Dashkevych in the Lviv Society of Historical and Cultural Monument Protection, as well as in the Holy Trinity Church. The outstanding Ukrainian historican was buried at the Lychakiv Cemetery, near his mother’s grave.

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