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The Cabinet’s never-ending story…

MP: “We are getting direct advice: work on reforms, not a snap election”
16 February, 11:57
Photo by Artem SLIPACHUK, The Day

The possible dismissal of Arsenii Yatseniuk’s Cabinet has every chance to become the chief political issue of the week. The Cabinet of Ministers will report to the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday, February 16. De jure, it will be the moment when Yatseniuk loses political immunity, and MPs can then dismiss him. For this motion to be tabled, the Rada must have at least 150 votes in favor, to be documented in accordance with the rules of procedure on special “signature sheets.”

Funnily enough, the names of those taking signature sheets to call for Yatseniuk’s resignation made rounds as much-demanded hotcakes at the conciliation board of heads of factions.

Late on February 15, the news emerged that the Presidential Administration (!) had collected 226 votes for the resignation of Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk, and the president sees as the main contender for the head of government’s portfolio... the deputy head of the Presidential Administration Dmytro Shymkiv.

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