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Mobile telephony and human genes

Protection against harmful health impact is possible and necessary
1 November, 2011 - 00:00
Photo by Ruslan KANIUKA, The Day

Currently there is no technology which might be compared to mobile telephony in its pervasive, widespread impact on the daily life of the population. Just in 20 years, the number of mobile phone users worldwide grew from zero to 4.6 billion. Development of mobile networks led to emergence of an extensive base stations network, with individual stations having varying capacity. The communication network is constantly expanding, thus increasing public concern about possible health impact of these communication systems.

The concern heightened significantly after publication of the REFLEX project research results (www.powerwatch.org.uk/pdfs/20041222_reflex.pdf). The project was carried out from 2000-04 by 12 research groups from seven European countries that funded it. The Medical University of Vienna obtained results showing that both low-frequency and high-frequency man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) affect living beings at the gene level.

Abundant evidence of the negative impact on biological objects includes clear proof of the DNA da-mage from mobile phones’ EMR and reduction of motile sperm count in men by 30 percent after 1.5 years of mobile phone usage. It was established that the earliest clinical ma-nifestations of the EMR effects in humans were functional disorders of the nervous system, manifested primarily in the form of negative dysfunctions, neurotic and asthenic syndromes. Persons, who had long resided in the EMR-impacted areas, complained of weakness, irritability, fatigue, weakening of memory, and sleep disturbances.

From the scientific point of view, the development of mobile communications is a serious problem, as our concepts of the biological effects of the low-intensity EMR on the human body have not been proved enough to be considered hard knowledge. Modern standards on safe levels of the EMR are based on the assumption that the EMR does not affect li-ving beings, if the latter’s body temperature does not rise, because stable body temperature supposedly means absence of impact on the human body. However, this assumption is in contradiction with the results of several experiments on living organisms. Since the energy of mobile phone radiation is small enough, its impact is an impact of the very low intensity EMR, and biological impact of such an EMR is called non-thermal, informational impact.

When studying the EMR of the new 3G system UMTS, we have established that breaks in the DNA thread started to occur already under exposure as low as one-fortieth of the recommended standards. This indicates that the 3G UMTS genetic toxicity is approximately ten times higher than that of the GSM, which certainly causes high risk of cancer. It is appropriate to emphasize the fact that breaks in the DNA thread started to occur already under exposure much lower than the recommended standards, and this indicates the presence of at least one more previously unknown factor in the EMR. We call this factor the informational component of the EMR, which also affects health of electronic equipment users.

Results of the REFLEX project were unacceptable for the mobile communications industry because they questioned the existing standards of the EMR levels. Professor Alexander Lerchl, then chairman of the Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation of the German Commission on Radiological Protection (SSK) under the Federal Office of Radiation Protection (BFS) and, therefore, the person responsible for protecting Germany’s population, made a dramatic conclusion: “Should the research results we have obtained from Vienna be confirmed, this may spell the beginning of the end for the mobile communications.”

We have already mentioned that the EMR of any nature contains so-called torsion component, which carries information about the processes that occur in one or another electronic device. Torsion fields (TF) have a high penetrating power and can not be shielded. The presence of structures that influence life processes in real biological objects suggests, in particular, the existence of the mechanism by which TF (information fields) influence living beings. Therefore, one of the main areas of the TF studies is examination of their medical and biological effects on living nature.

Given that the main component of any living organism is bound water, the picture changes dramatically as water in the living nature is the most sensitive indicator of physical fields of any nature, and especially the man-made EMR, while water’s properties change when irradiated by the EMR and these changes are, unfortunately, irreversible. Numerous studies of the changes of physical properties, including structural ones, in different natural waters under the influence of radiation of mobile phones, mobile telephony support antennas, appliances, etc., clearly confirm that changes in the properties of water in the living organisms translate negative impact of these fields to humans.

There is no doubt about the need to develop protective devices against the negative impact of such man-made EMR. Such devices were developed by scientists of several countries for protection of mobile phone users against the negative impact, and they do significantly reduce the level of the EMR, but are unable to eliminate its influence altogether and for sure.

Joint work of Ukrainian and French scientists shows highly sophisticated technology being developed to protect users of electronic equipment. It was established for the first time that the base station antennas have increased negative impact on humans and animals when their grounding locations coincide with geopathogenic anomalies, faults in the Earth’s crust, and water flows.

Ukrainian scientists developed protective devices against the negative impact of mobile communications base stations. They eliminate the effect of geotechnogenic radiation and function as effective environmental devices, and this fact has been confirmed by official acts of medical and biological examination. The research was conducted in France in 2005 and continued at the Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine” in 2008 and 2011, and at the Kyiv City Oncology Center in 2009.

We are confident that the final answer to this challenge must be given by science, and not by the business interests, as the former clearly shows now that the super-weak intensity, multi-frequency and multi-specter EMRs affect the main component of living organisms, that is, bound water. Thus, there is only one way out: we must have a safe bioenergoinformational protection for living organisms against such EMRs in place.

Anatolii Pavlenko, professor, Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine”

Mykhailo Kuryk, Sc.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Director, Institute of Human Ecology

By Anatolii PAVLENKO, Mykhailo KURYK

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