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Den is 18!

Volodymyr PANCHENKO: “Den/The Day’s readership is a very important community, and the more numerous it will be, the faster we as a nation will move toward our goal”
10 September, 18:08

Coincidentally, Den will meet its 18th birthday in… Lviv this year, where it will present at the Publishers’ Forum its gifts to demanding readers, including a new photo album People of the Maidan: a Chronicle and an essay collection Ukraine Incognita. Top 25. In addition, visitors of the forum will have the opportunity to talk with this paper’s editor-in-chief Larysa Ivshyna and our journalists. Forum’s motto, which reads “It Is Time to Read!” has been our motto as well from the first days, with an important qualifier: read and draw conclusions, think critically. We have been at it for 18 years, producing a daily newspaper and working on dozens of important projects.

September 11, 1996 saw the first issue of Den, followed by the Russian version of the publication in just four months, in January 1997. We provided Ukrainian media space with a unique opportunity to broaden its horizons on January 25, 1998, as our English digest The Day was launched. The Den enterprise includes now not only a quality periodical, but also dozens of cultural and educational projects, including book series Den’s Library, an annual international photo exhibition, glossy supplement Route No. 1, history knowledge portal Ukraine Incognita, and project “Self-Education Online.”

“Den/The Day fills an important niche in society: the newspaper is Ukrainian-centered, pro-European, anti-imperial (which means anticommunist as well), democratic, and intellectually demanding. Den/The Day’s readership is a very important community, and the more numerous it will be, the faster we as a nation will move toward our goal,” well-known literary critic, professor at the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, chairman of the board of Charitable Foundation in Support of the Newspaper Den’s Initiatives Volodymyr Panchenko remarked. “Den/The Day, its staffers and contributors work a lot on the problem of Ukrainian identity. This strategic line of them has become very clear over the past 10 years, as evidenced by the newspaper’s exceptional attention to history. I also believe that the historical consciousness is the alpha and omega. If our statesmen were well aware of Ukrainian history, we would have another, more accurate military doctrine. Once more, life has proved that the main enemy of our state is Russia. Has it ever been otherwise? It is nice to see Den/The Day increasing the number of its projects, and all of them working. The book series, the annual photo exhibition, Summer School of Journalism, intelligent ‘invasions’ by the editor-in-chief of various cities of Ukraine, youth debating society ... This year’s book crop is also valuable. Speaking for myself, I know that writing an article about ancient events often turns into doing a history-based essay! This is so because there is a joint linking times, a lot of current events are repeating and echoing the past... Therefore, I am looking forward to that volume Ukraine Incognita. Top 25. I hope to meet with the latest publications from Den/The Day at Lviv Publishers’ Forum on September 12, I am glad that I have the opportunity to work with Den/The Day, and wish you, dear friends, success, joy, and may better times come soon for Ukraine!”

“They say that newspapers are for discerning readers, and Den/The Day is clearly an essential publication for true intellectuals. It is indispensable on the information menu of people want to know what is happening in Ukraine and in the world,” our longtime reader, expert of the Institute of Political Education Oleksandr Solontai said. “Your newspaper provides answers to difficult questions. It does not avoid any problems. Unlike the rest of the print media, where there is some sort of editorial line, attempts to follow the flow or political vectors, Den/The Day recognizes no taboo topics. On opening an issue of it, one finds answer to the questions that one personally has long worried about. At the same time, Den/The Day is an important platform for discussions involving renowned experts, journalists, public figures... By the way, I consider myself one of the earliest and most devoted readers of your newspaper. I have been reading it daily since 1997. I remember as I approached the news agent and asked for a copy to be kept for me, back in my college years. More to that, I still keep a file of The Day’s back issues and occasionally reread them.”

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