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“Kissel cooked by Kiselev”

Breaking news from the front of Russian anti-Ukraine propaganda, what does it indicate?
14 March, 11:25

“Goebbels is nothing compared to him…,” “Do we need any other arguments in favor of the EU after this propaganda puke?”, “An example of ‘objective’ journalism”… These are only some expressions Ukrainian journalists and civic activists used in their Facebook commentaries on the report in News of the Week show (Russia TV Channel) concerning the results of Viktor Yanukovych’s recent visit to Russia. Actually, the propagandistic report has been posted on YouTube under the title “Oscar goes to Kiselev!” Namely this journalist (a TV show anchor who does not mince words in his criticism of Ukraine-EU cooperation) is also known for his propaganda shows on ICTV channel in 2004 in favor of Yanukovych, the then presidential candidate.

Among other things Kiselev says the following: “Association agreement is a muddy story. Signing of Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and the EU will bring Ukraine’s economy to ruin, such aviation and space branches will disappear, and agriculture will be dead. The free trade area with Europe is a blank surrender of Ukraine and its collapse. Ukrainian government simply does not tell the people about this.” Finally, the journalist starts to jeer, saying: “As if scalded Yanukovych did not stay for the night like he planned, went home towards morning. Both in the West and in the East everyone is warning us that he’s going down and the possibilities for Kyiv to make a decent choice become fewer with every day passing.”

Everything is more or less clear with the Russian side. The Kremlin aspires to recreate modern Soviet Union with the help of the Customs Union, federal television and journalists in Russia are dependent. These days Kiselev is working for the Russian government, like he used to work for Yanukovych on Pinchuk’s channel. Incidentally, it is not ruled out that Moscow’s interests and those of the Kuchma family against the Ukrainian president have coincided this time. Kiselev’s propaganda could also be a reaction to the statements voiced by the incumbent head of Ukrainian state concerning Leonid Kuchma’s complicity in ordering the murder of journalist Gongadze.


Breaking news from the front of Russian anti-Ukraine propaganda, what does it indicate?

What about the Ukrainian side? Frankly speaking, it gives ample grounds for criticism. Was there any information regarding the result of Yanukovych’s visit to Russia? What did Ukrainian society know about the agreements? The lack of publicity of the Ukrainian government (it is all clear with the Russian one) does not provide with sufficient argumentation those who are ready to defend it. Such methods of behavior demonstrated by Yanukovych and Co. only narrow the already small circle of his adherers, or cut the possibilities for those who love our country, in spite of who is at power, to defend it.

In his commentary to The Day regionnaire Volodymyr Oliinyk said: “This report was untactful, mildly speaking. Friendship is not continued in such a way, and it felt unpleased. I think it would be unpleasant for Russians, too, to hear the same kind of commentaries concerning their president. It is our right to criticize our president, and they have the right to criticize theirs. Such things look like hysteria, because the plan that started in 2009 with Tymoshenko’s gas-political treaty (to actuate the Customs Union and resolve the question with Ukraine’s gas-transport system) is not working. Therefore, of course, some people get nerves. We have national interests of our own. Today no one will say that Yanukovych is a pro-Russian president. If some of our neighbors dislike Ukraine’s independent policy, it is their problem.”

What about actually Kiselev’s report? “This is a report from the future. What is awaiting Ukraine in case it enters the Customs Union? Humiliation, public accusations, and the attempt to break any economic relations Ukraine has with progressive democracy. When I hear the argument that Russian side will give us an opportunity to produce aircraft independently within the Customs Union, I come up with a question: why is Russian Aeroflot purchasing American Boeing airliners and European Aerobus aircraft? Yanukovych should understand that in Europe you have to live according to European standards. If he wants to be dictated what to do, he can move in the direction determined for him by Kiselev’s show on an official TV channel.”

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