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A high dimension

The new issue of Route No. 1 discovers the noble world
27 September, 17:21

“Sometimes the elite and elitism are confused with wealth or membership of nomenklatura. They actually are manifestations of a subtle and super-strong atmosphere of moral spirit. The elite are frequently defined as those who cannot be bought. If this noble mood is encouraged by the state, it makes that state invulnerable,” maintains our editor-in-chief Larysa Ivshyna in her column in the latest issue of Route No. 1. “Never, not even in the most difficult times, did we abandon the High Matters, which include education and bettering our living space. Without it, everything else is for nothing,” Ivshyna writes elsewhere in that text. Actually, it is the “right proportions” of the living space that this issue of the glossy magazine deals with. Therefore, it covers the story of “a bastion of our security on the historical front,” as the contributors call the latest addition to Den’s Library series, the book The Crown, or Heritage of the Rus’ Kingdom. Their thoughts are a wonderful “aperitif” to that exquisite volume that already awaits you at the bookstores and the editorial store.

Also, we invite you to read in Route No. 1 an interview with Anna Sievalnieva, the exclusive agent of many French brands in Ukraine whose guiding rule is to “offer the best.” Meanwhile, manager of the Lviv Hotel Nobilis Andrii Leda tells us how he succeeds in creating a “harmony of refined leisure,” and fashion designer Viktoria Baron opines about the fashionable “space for individuality.” Among the other interesting stories of the issue, the reader will find an article about pets kept by royal families, because love for the living beings is an indispensable feature of a noble person, is not it?

You will learn about this and much more if you order Route No. 1: The Noble World from the online store on Den’s website or by phone at the sales department: (044) 303 96 23. Also, if you wait until September 29, you will be able to buy it at a newsstand!

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