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The Fabulous Land of Transcarpathia

14 June, 00:00

Transcarpathia is Ukraine’s youngest territory bordering on four East European nations. As its name implies, this region lies beyond a swath of the majestic Carpathians. Transcarpathia is a land of high mountains, rushing rivers, and breathtaking landscapes. It beckons with its primeval nature and pristine, healing air.

The regional closed joint-stock company ZakarpatTourist is a leading tourist service provider in Transcarpathia, operating 12 health resorts and recreational facilities, 2 travel and tour offices, and 2 tourist transport offices.

The company’s resorts can simultaneously accommodate over 1,600 guests, who can avail themselves of 2 restaurants, 12 canteens, 22 coffee bars and traditional kebab houses. The company is operating 16 cable ski lifts, 12 rental stores specializing in camping and skiing equipment rentals, as well as other additional service facilities.

ZakarpatTourist can offer much in the way of the increasingly popular ski tourism. The Carpathian Mountains offer world-class ski runs.

The region is crisscrossed by numerous hiking routes, and the company’s tourist operation offers circular ski routes and summertime tourist routes. Those pursuing active recreation can choose among climbing the country’s highest mountain peak, Hoverla, or numerous other peaks, taking foot, bus or mixed routes, horseback or bike riding, rafting down the Tisza River, or mushroom or berry hunting.

The inquisitive travelers are offered a wide choice of excursions: “A Tour of Transcarpathian Resorts,” “A Tour of Wooden Churches,” “Mysteries of Medieval Castles,” “A Tour of Verkhovyna Highlands,” “Valley of Daffodils,” and “Vine Growing and Wine Making Tour.” The latter provides an opportunity to sample brand name wines of Transcarpathia.

Tourists, who have foreign travel passports, have an opportunity to take 1 to 3 day trips to neighboring Hungary or Romania in our comfortable buses.

For many years the company’s tourist operations have been using the healing potential of local mineral water resources, food products, and herbs, and providing healing treatment to children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Aside from traditional recreational services, they are providing treatment under Health Ministry licenses.

The company offers a broad choice of foreign travel services, taking its clients to destinations in Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Yugoslavia, and many other countries. In providing its foreign travel services the company mostly relies on its bus tour operation, which is due to the location of Transcarpathia, home to the geographical center of Europe.

Verkhovyna Highlands and Hutsul Land, stone fortresses and wooden churches, the unmatched Sinevir Lake, and hospitable people of Transcarpathia are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on our guests.

Transcarpathian regional closed joint-stock company ZakarpatTourist
Ukraine, Zakarpattia oblast,
88010 Uzhhorod, vul. Koshytska, 30
Tel/fax: (3803122) 3-70-19, 3-43-17.
E-mail: [email protected]
License АА Nr. 780466 of March 31, 2004, issued by the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine
Bank acc. Nr. 26005301202134 with PromInvestBank of Uzhhorod, MFO 312163, ZKPO code 02648811

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