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Women’s world

15 декабря, 00:00

Lilia Zolotonosha, a young poetess from Mykolaiv, launched her fifth collection of poems I Long for you. The literary soiree took place in the building of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine. “Women’s world is as capricious as life itself – this is what Lilia Zolotonosha is writing about,” said the literary critic Anatolii Tkachenko.

Zolotonosha is popular far outside Mykolaiv. At the soiree the author recited her poetry and completely captured the audience’s attention. One had the impression of leaving through a girl’s diary in which all secrets were expressed in words, the words made rhymes, and the rhymes, poems.

“It was very difficult to be all in one: the editor, critic, and the author of the foreword,” said the writer Vasyl Dovzhyk. “We had little time to work on the collection. We rewrote some poems three times. Although it is Lilia’s fifth book, I see that all her life she has been writing only one book – the book of love and affection. Her poetry is imbued with intimate reality, the display of women’s illusive soul, and incompleteness.”

Zolotonosha’s poetry is so delightful that you can feel inner light and the warmth of her soul emanating from it. The writer Vasyl Shkliar wrote: “Zolotonosha’s poetic power is in her demureness, while her creative temperament is immense. That is how she creates high-tension poetry.”

The poetess admits: “I want to reveal women’s world and heartache through my poems. I want to say that a woman is a breathing cell of the Universe that revives it every time. A woman is the director of her theatre…”

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