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Kyiv hosts two international dog shows

15 декабря, 00:00

This year’s two international dog shows — Kyivska Rus’-2009 and Crystal Cup of Ukraine-2009 — were organized in Kyiv by Ukraine’s Association of Kennel Clubs (KSU) in collaboration with the Hunting Dog Training Federation and the Central German Shepherd Owners’ Club of Ukraine and attracted a record number of breeds (170) and dogs (some 4,000). The dogs and their owners came to the Ukrainian capital from many countries, including Great Britain, Finland, the Netherlands, Israel, Russia, the Baltic States, Moldova, and Kazakhstan.

The KSU is the only organization within the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the International Federation of Kennel Clubs, that represents Ukraine. The KSU’s fields of endeavor includes dog breeding, keeping the Book of Breeds, issuance of breed certificates, and organization of dog shows. Owing to FCI membership, Ukrainian breeds are internationally recognized.

The atmosphere at the dog shows was strained as each contestant wanted victory. The dogs and their owners were nervous. Tetiana, the owner of three West Highland white terriers, was applying the finishing touches with a special hairbrush, and one could see her nerves were on edge. “They’re also nervous; they know how important this event is for me. We’ve taken part in dog shows since 1996, but you can’t get used to it and feel calm,” she said.

I was amazed to see how easily the dog owners in the ring and the members of the jury understood each other, considering that most of the latter were foreigners: 24 experts of international acclaim from 13 countries were tasked with assessing the figures and other qualities of the dogs on display. Most experts were from Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark. “The more experienced the expert, the more dog owners want their pets to be examined by him,” explained Iryna Khabarovska, head of the KSU press center.

Among the 11 groups of dogs under study one was entitled “Non-FCI.” A total of 10 breeds, including the American Bulldog, Eskimo dog, Moscow Watchdog, toy poodle, ODIS (acronym for Odesa Ideal Little Pet), and others, were paraded in a separate ring and received special awards. These breeds have no right to take part in international dog shows. The reason is that these breeds are comparatively young, and FCI experts believe they have not as yet developed characteristic features and standards. With time they will be recognized on the international level. ODIS is the pride and brainchild of Ukrainian dog breeders. This breed emerged in Odesa 30 years ago by crossing toy poodles with Bichon Frise and fox terriers. ODIS owners stress their pets’ intellect and obedience, along with compact size and fine white hair.

Kyivska Rus’-2009’s main award, Best in Show, went to a Ukrainian Bichon Frise, and the Crystal Cup of Ukraine -2009 was conferred on an Argentine Dogo from Russia.

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