Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№41, (1999)

02.11.1999 - 00:00

Kyiv at Last Shows Its Teeth

After three consecutive losses in Korac Cup group tournament at the hands of Russian Locomotive, Finnish Namik, and Lithuanian Alit, Kyiv basketball players finally pleased their supporters in a home...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

One of the Hundred Most Valuable Places of Interest in the World is Located in Kamyanets-Podilsky

Zamkovy Mist (castle bridge) in the old town of Kamyanets-Podilsky has been recognized one of the most valuable hundred places of interest in the world. “In the list of UNESCO, which passed this good...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Ukraine-Pakistan Tank Final or Prelude?

On October 27, Ukraine shipped from Mykolayiv to the Pakistani port of Karachi the last batch of a 320 tanks, which it has supplied to that country over the past three years. The military coup in...
02.11.1999 - 00:00


Borys SOBOLIEV, Candidate of Science in economics, President, the First Investment Group: We have the Civil Code enacted back in the 1960s. It includes an Economic Code and it is not...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Leonid KUCHMA: “If I lose I’ll take a shot of vodka and go on”

Polling Station No. 1, District Election Committee No. 38, Constituency No. 223, was secured by militia units since 8 a.m., Sunday, October 31, and besieged by journalists, all awaiting the...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Myron PETROVSKY: “As soon as it became possible not to lie Soviet style, they immediately, without pause, began to lie in a different way”

“Mr. Petrovsky, one of the most traditional and simultaneously indispensable questions is about your creative work.” “When I am asked ‘Tell us about your creative work,’ I startle and nervously...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Vicious Circle of Blind Democracy

Voters stepping into Polling Station No. 14 at the House of Culture of Kyiv’s UTOS (UPP- 1) Training-production Enterprise felt somewhat uneasy watching hefty fellows wearing combat fatigues with...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Continent General Director Serhiy Sholokh Threatened

Kyiv’s Continent FM radio station regularly receives threatening phone calls, said its general director Serhiy Sholokh. A couple of weeks ago, he received one such call from a woman, allegedly from a...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Lina Kostenko’s new historical novel diagnoses current society

What do we say to ourselves, stepping into the third millennium? What will we take with us except debts? The current regime is utterly bankrupt. Leonid Kuchma’s aphorism, “Only the blind cannot see...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Security Council as Consolation Prize

Ukraine has happened to score a victory in the international arena, receiving a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. One can only try to imagine what it must have cost Ukraine to...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Due to high prices and inflation

For several weeks already, the Ukrainian mechanical engineering enterprises have been on hunger rations. Many types of rolled products have disappeared, but the most dramatic situation has arisen...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Onboard the Titanic

As one of the 1+1 all-night show emcees said in the morning, putting on an act and obviously enjoying it, even though getting ahead of the story a bit, of course, now the losing politicians will...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Or what caused the Mytiukov-Symonenko confrontation

Valentyn SYMONENKO said, “The Board of the Accounting Chamber has arrived at the conclusion that the government’s performance in fulfilling the 1998 budget is extremely ineffective and unprofessional...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Fifty Years of Work Crowned by Street Panhandling

Precisely 55 years ago Ukraine was cleared of the Nazis at the cost of tremendous military efforts and staggering loss of life. Men who miraculously surviving the bloodshed were returning to their...
02.11.1999 - 00:00

Number of HIV-Infected in Ukrainian Capital Grows

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has rated Ukraine as the most “unsafe country in terms of the increase in number of HIV-infected persons.” Especially serious is the situation in Kyiv:...


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