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2004 Target Plan 2004 Approaches

25 November, 2003 - 00:00

It is intended that the Ukraine- NATO Target Plan for 2004 will be approved on December 5 during a regular session of the Ukraine-NATO Commission to be held in Brussels on the level of foreign ministers, Interfax-Ukraine quotes a source at the National Center for Euro-Atlantic Integration under the president of Ukraine as saying. The source claims that the NATO headquarters is going to host a session of the Ukraine-NATO Commission on November 26 at the ambassadorial level to tentatively discuss the draft Target Plan and coordinate some joint measures. The draft Target Plan had been sent to the NATO headquarters about a month ago and forwarded — via Ukraine’s mission at the Alliance — to NATO’s International Secretariat. “Ukraine has taken into account a considerable number of NATO’s observations, and it is expected that the coordinated Target Plan will be approved within the preset period,” the source noted. It was projected earlier that the 2004 Ukraine-NATO Target Plan would be approved as soon as November 20.