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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

This day in history

25 November, 2010 - 00:00

1905: Ukraine’s first Ukrainian-language newspaper Khliborob (The Tiller) is printed in Lubny (Naddniprianska Ukraina, or Dnipro Ukraine).

1917: Ukraine’s Central Rada resolves to start printing its own currency.

1926: The Central Committee of the VKB(U) [All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)] adopts a decree launching the construction of the Dniprohes Dnipro Hydropower Plant.

1934: Mykhailo Hrushevsky, a noted Ukrainian historian, public and political figure, dies in Kislovodsk.

1991: The Ministry of Justice re­gisters the Socialist Party of Ukraine.

1995: The Ukrainian and Russian defense ministers sign a number of agreements in Sochi, including one on cooperation in the military sphere.

2004: An nationwide strike begins, with the National Salvation Committee, headed by Viktor Yushchenko, assuming full responsibility for the protection of democracy in Ukraine.