Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№68, (2010)

25.11.2010 - 00:00

Ukrainian schoolgirl wins pan-European drawing contest

Over 50 thousand children from 61 countries submitted their dra­wings for the “Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy; together they wanted to make the world a better place”...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Will the Tax Code distabilize the budget?

The government plans to submit the draft budget for 2011 to the parliament when the head of the state signs the Tax Code. Ukraine’s Finance Minister Fedir Yaroshenko announced this on Friday,...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

A European Bukovynian

During the month of November the Chernivtsi Art Museum presented paintings and photographs by Constantin Flon­dor, a renow­ned Romanian artist. The painter can be dubbed a true Bukovinian...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Great Spirits,

How do we revere our heros? This is no rhetorical question: a nation which neglects its past will inevitably be helpless in the future. The disregard for the past has now acquired a typical form...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

As outsiders or in the “shadow”?

Ukraine is second last in Europe in terms of per capita purchasing power. This information has been recently made public by the German office of the international sociological research company Gfk...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Everything starts with elections

The international Ottawa Model Ukraine Conference “The Politics of Education and Elections in Ukraine” was organized by the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program (CUPP), the Chair of...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

“You can’t see this if you stay at home”

Lviv is now hosting The Day’s Photo Exhibit, which displays 150 pictures made by both professional and amateur photographers, winners of The Day’s 12th International Photo Competition...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Let’s light a candle

This Saturday, we will once again light a candle in the window, and remember all those who died the most horrible death imaginable — the slow agony of starvation. We will remember the mothers...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Viktor Ishchuk gathers stars

The organizers have decided to call the forthcoming concert Grand Ballet Gala “Stars Only!” This type of soiree, with talented dancers from different countries being invited, is very...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Teens explore their family’s Cossack history

The second season of the five-year-long National Children’s Competition I Am of Cossack Ancestry was recently launched. The competition was organized for the second consecutive year by the...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Eternal memory

The claim that the Holodomor is not a relevant topic and the deleting of information about these and other Stalinist crimes from governmental websites does not fit in with the existence of “...
25.11.2010 - 00:00


  Britain to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by 2015  Prime Minister David Cameron gave a “firm commitment” to withdraw British forces from Afghanistan by 2015. Speaking...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

This day in history

1905: Ukraine’s first Ukrainian-language newspaper Khliborob (The Tiller) is printed in Lubny (Naddniprianska Ukraina, or Dnipro Ukraine). 1917: Ukraine’s Central Rada resolves to start printing its...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Latin American dancing on… wheelchairs

The Wheelchair Dance Sport World Championship in Ha­nover, Germany, gathered sportsmen from all over the world. Ivan and Nadia Sivak danced in the the Duo Latin category, brilliantly outperforming 11...
25.11.2010 - 00:00

Funny, bitter and musical

The festival, which is organized every autumn by the rental company Art­house Traffic and the British Council, already has its history. Typically, it in­volves viewings of films shot in the...


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