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A European Bukovynian

The Chernivtsi Art Museum presents Constantin Flondor’s paintings
25 November, 2010 - 00:00

During the month of November the Chernivtsi Art Museum presented paintings and photographs by Constantin Flon­dor, a renow­ned Romanian artist.

The painter can be dubbed a true Bukovinian: he is related to Mykola Ivasiuk, an outstanding Bukovinian artist of the early 20th century. Ivasiuk’s paintings were an inspriation for the author of the present exhibit. He began painting as a child. A copy of Ivasiuk’s Portrait of Claudia Ivasiuk, Artist’s Mother of 1919 is also exhibited at the museum. The original is kept by the painter’s family.

The artist-to-be was also born in Chernivtsi, in 1936. However, when the Soviets came his family had to emigrate to Romania. Thus, Flondor received his professional education and training at the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts [currently the Bucharest National University of Arts – Ed.], Romania. Upon graduating, he took up teaching, working in Romania and Germany.

Besides teaching, the artist painted extensively. He also took up artistic photography and presented his own works in many European countries. Due to his personal exhibits and to the participation in group exhibits, open-air expositions, biennials, and triennials, the art of this Romanian painter became known and received numerous good reviews from major art critics in Romania and Europe.

A special and very important stage in his life as a painter was his membership and participation in the founding of the artistic groups 1+1+1 (1966-69), Sigma (1969-81), and Prologue (since 1985), where together with his followers Flondor implemented his own artistic methods and principles.

Albert Komari is a senior researcher at the Chernivtsi Art Museum







By Albert KOMARI, photo replicas courtesy of the Chernivtsi Art Museum