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“Getting reacquainted”

The February issue of our glossy supplement Route No. 1 invites the readers to… tea
22 February, 18:18

“Previously, ‘invitation to tea’ meant an encounter with a special culture of trusting communication. It involved nice homely cups. Perhaps not everyone had complete sets, but people strived for this aesthetic. Special napkins, special pies, special pancakes, special pastries – it all belonged to the friendly circle culture,” editor-in-chief Larysa Ivshyna wrote in her introductory column. We need to restore this lost tradition, which was famed not just for the beauty of etiquette, but for cultural depth as well. Our latest glossy supplement set out to show principal “stops” of this “route.”

The February issue offers its readers first-hand knowledge about the intricacies of Japanese and British tea cultures, coming from Olena Kulinich, who spent a decade in Japan as the ambassador’s wife, and Jack Morton Burt, a British government official serving in the Department for International Trade. Meanwhile, details of mate drinking and samovar ceremony are revealed by Oleksandr Vadzinskyi, who owns several cafes in Kyiv. The fact that Japan is more than just a tea country is confirmed by another exclusive contribution – an overview of the Japanese whiskey brands, offered by sommelier of the Whisky Corner restaurant Oleh Kozlovskyi.

Besides, the issue’s points of interest include reviews of exquisite tableware for true noble tea ceremonies and the most popular destinations of “aromatic” tourism, a talk with fashion designer Liudmyla Kyslenko about the Japanese style in her new collection, infographics about the peculiar traits of tea culture in 12 countries which are the beverage’s main consumers, and many more.

If you are now convinced that the latest issue of Route No. 1 is an indispensable element of your Friday tea party (since the issue will be released precisely on that day), we suggest you plan a trip to the nearest newsstand or book it now from Den’s online store (https:// or call our sales department at (044) 303 96 23!

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