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“Hygge under every cherry tree”

The new issue of the glossy magazine Route No. 1 deals with the smart home...
29 March, 18:51

“Ukraine should become the chief distributor of comfort. We have always been very much hedonists, and even in modest circumstances, standing in meadows and near haystacks, lying under carts, and sitting on wide benches, we have demonstrated our ability to live relaxed, luxurious, delicious, comfortable lives. It is time to bring it to another level,” Larysa Ivshyna wrote in her column, a fixture of the magazine. Therefore, our glossy supplement’s team, led by the editor-in-chief as a “space architect,” filled the latest issue of Route No. 1 with a number of exclusive contributions from gurus of construction, interior design, and landscaping.

 In particular, the issue’s partner and owner of the construction company KONTAKT-INVEST Yevhen Chernetskyi gave an interview revealing whether a smart home is only distinguished from a conventional dwelling by its high-tech contents, as many believe. Meanwhile, founder of the Sergey Makhno Architects architectural studio Serhii Makhno described the “alchemy” of ecodesign. Founder of TEKKO-Salon Zoia Novoselska outlined the role of textiles in interior design. President of Intercoiffure Ukraine ICD art coordinator for Eastern Europe and director of Beauty Salon “Natasha Balabanova” Natalia Balabanova, French factories’ representative in Ukraine Anna Sevalniov, general manager of Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv Elizaveta Yurusheva, and many other equally interesting and competent figures shared with our readers their ideas of the perfect home and the home of the future.

 Besides, the issue features reviews of this year’s trends in landscape design and best innovative buildings, a ranking of books which you ought to have on your bookshelf (and no smart home will do without one!) and many pre-Easter tips that are sure to raise your spirits and inspire you to form ideas of your own!

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