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Exhibition of eco-friendly wool paper-printed photos continues in Kyiv

19 июня, 00:00
Photo by Kostiantyn HRYSHYN, The Day

The world-renowned photographer Luca Bracali’s “Ecosystems” exhibition has been launched at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine as part of celebrations of The Days of Italy in Ukraine and the 20th anniversary of the two countries establishing diplomatic relations. About 30 photos were selected for the exhibition, which picture different ecological systems of the planet. Bracali is almost permanently on the move, so his geographical coverage is quite broad. The exhibition presents photos taken in the US (including Alaska), Canada, Australia, Namibia, Antarctica, and New Caledonia.

“Normally, days of any country’s culture are held along similar lines, with the artists showing something authentically national, but this time, we have decided to draw the audience’s attention to a global problem,” says Olha Sulimenko, a research fellow at the international department of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. In her opinion, Bracali’s works’ environmental focus can unite people. Sulimenko stresses: “The works are completely free of any national identity, appealing instead to the human being as such.” Moreover, most pictures are unique, as the artist travels to the most remote and least accessible parts of the world. The main concept of his work is the interrelation and mutual influences of the planet and civilization.

Despite current popularity of the ecological consciousness idea, the photographer insists that in choosing the subject of his work, he was paying tribute to our planet rather than chasing the fashion. “While traveling, I find places that I would like to show people so that they would see how beautiful the Earth can be, and want to protect it,” Bracali says. The artist pays special attention to the problems shaping up now at the poles, and the lion’s share of the exhibited photographs were taken in Alaska and Antarctica. “I worked with scientists from the universities of St. Petersburg and Alaska and I am now sure the global warming is real,” the photographer notes. According to the artist, exhibitions, distribution of photo reports and books should draw the public’s attention to environmental issues. “Should even a small percentage of people become concerned about these problems, I would think my effort was not in vain,” Bracali states. By now, the green activist has held 16 exhibitions in Europe and America and published four books.

The artist has remained faithful to his eco-friendly principles in organizing the exhibition, too. Paper for printing the photographs was made of wool. “No trees were harmed in making it,” the Italian jokes. To create these unusual sheets, manufacturers from the Italian town of Fabiano used all available technology and knowledge. The photographer himself participated in the development of the paper. Making this eco-friendly product took two weeks.

Bracali notes the Ukrainians’ openness. “I am certain that the Ukrainians will gain a place in the European community,” the photographer says.

The “Ecosystems” exhibition, the last event of The Days of Italy, will last until June 21, 2012, and then move to Minsk.

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