Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№31, (2001)

06.11.2001 - 00:00

This week in history

November 6: 1943. Kyiv was liberated from Nazi German troops. 1996 . The first session of the bilateral Ukrainian-American Kuchma- Gore Commission was held. November 7: 1940. The Congress of...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Government suggests fixing limits of compromise with parliament and seeks taxpayers’ trust

In November the Kinakh government is to submit to the parliament and society its action program. Naturally, the Cabinet of Ministers needs support, as criticism is mounting in the pre- election...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Pogroms Return to Moscow

A real pogrom took place at the Russian capital as some 300 youngsters, believed by the Moscow police to be soccer fans acting under the influence of drugs and alcohol (as reported by the Russian...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Youth Grows Up

The closing ceremony of the 31st Molodist (Youth) International Film Festival was graphic evidence of Ukraine’s only such forum’s growing prestige. It is primarily manifest in the size of the...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Past Beauty Will Aid Future Diplomacy

Henceforth the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine can vie with Louvre. Its renovated main entrance will be adorned by a replica of the Venus de Milo donated by the government of the Greek...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

President Signs Election Law

President Leonid Kuchma signed a new version of the law On the Elections of People’s Deputies of Ukraine, which was recently passed by Verkhovna Rada, Presidential Press Secretary Ihor Storozhuk told...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

On What Topics Do Our Political Journalists Remain Silent?

Larysa IVSHYNA, Editor-In-Chief, The Day: Perhaps, of course, the answer could be as follows: our journalists very often keep silent about new owners of enterprises privatized for pennies...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Information Theater Requires Professionals And a Clear Concept of Development

There are negative trends in Ukraine’s information theater of operations, increasing the threat to our national interests in the foreign policy sphere and harming Ukraine’s image abroad, concluded an...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Converting Law Problems Into Politics Will be Harder

On November 1 the Ukrainian delegation led by Premier Anatoly Kinakh returned from the United States. Meetings and talks in Washington culminated in Mr. Kinakh’s meeting with US trade representative...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Lviv Oblast Renovates Oldest Jewish Cemetery and Opens Two Memorials

The renovated Jewish cemetery from the sixteenth century in Stary Sambir is located on the slope of a hill. The cemetery is the resting place of prominent representatives of the local Jewish...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Communists Again Propose Taking Land From Peasants

At their October 30 press conference, representatives of the Communist fraction in parliament tried to convince the public that Verkhovna Rada violated its rules when enacting the Land Code in its...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Parade of Bills

The State-Church Round Table has functioned in Kyiv on a regular basis for some years, focusing on Ukrainian churches as institutions of civil society, their rights and guarantees by the state, and...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Saving the Savings Banks

At present, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have no “problems in principle” with Kyiv that could prevent further loans, NBU head Volodymyr Stelmakh declared in New York on Monday...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

The America We Saw

The most striking result of Ukrainian Prime Minister Anatoly Kinakh’s working visit to the US is not so much specific agreements on certain issues as above all the confirmation of a very important...
06.11.2001 - 00:00

Variag Under Control

The Variag aircraft carrier that had broken off towline Sunday and drifted in the Aegean for 14 hours is now again secured and on the way to China. The incident with the heavy cruiser-carrier sold to...


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