Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№35, (2005)

08.11.2005 - 00:00

All roads lead to the depths

On Oct. 29-30 more than 100 sportsmen vied in the 2nd International Underwater Competition “Autumn Cup ‘05” in Kaniv, organized by the newly established Ukrainian Underwater Federation (UPF). “This...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

Ihor LUBCHENKO: I hold up <I>The Day</I> as an example to all my colleagues

Every day Ihor Lubchenko, chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, sees journalists and editors of oblast, raion, and village publications, who come to him as a last resort to help...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

Where will the WTO lead us?

Without a doubt Ukraine’s WTO membership is just a matter of time. The problem is to get to this coveted place at the right time i.e., not suddenly but in a state of preparedness and armed with the...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

Focus on HIV

“Your Future Is in Your Hands” is the title of a photo exhibit that has just opened in Kyiv. The photographs show HIV-infected people and those who have received help from programs run by Medicins...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

On Ukrainian islands

The Day recently visited Dnipropetrovsk at the invitation of National Mining University. This newspaper and the university are good friends, and the faculty and students are our regular readers and...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

How do stars appear?

Yuri Zilberman, the general director of the Vladimir Horowitz International Young Pianists’ Competition, celebrated his 60th birthday on Nov. 4. His fanatical dedication to his metier and prolific...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

Parliament elects Prosecutor General, fails to fill committee vacancies

Last Thursday Ukrainians got a new Prosecutor General in record time, in less than half an hour into parliament’s morning plenary session. Oleksandr Medvedko, the nominee, obtained 303 votes. (On...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

Twenty-three vacancies

Some 20 new Ukrainian ambassadors may be appointed in November. So far Ukraine has received seven agrements [a government’s official approval of proposed envoys from a foreign government — Trans.]...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

“James Mace’s concept of a post-genocidal society sets the agenda for the future”— Professor Andrea GRAZIOSI

Analyzing and determining the causes of the greatest historical catastrophe of Ukraine in the 20th century-the Holodomor of 1932-1933-is the pursuit not only of Ukrainian researchers (suffice it to...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

What’s behind the unseasonal depression?

Ukraine’s labor market is in a state of stagnation and depression, opportunities to find productive work are very limited, and prospects for creating new jobs are bleak, says a World Bank report. An...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

Interpreting the language of the culture ministry

The journal of foreign literature, Vsesvit [Universe] has just marked its 80th anniversary. The most striking thing about the gala night to celebrate this milestone was the glaring absence of any...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

A foothold for the media during elections

Last week it was learned that the European Court of Human Rights ruling on “Ukrainian Press Group vs. Ukraine” dated March 29, 2005, came into force on Oct. 12, 2005, says lawyer Dmytro KUTAKH, who...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

Tamara Proshkuratova’s artistry

The diverse art exhibits in the Verkhovna Rada lobby have become standard practice. But the one now on display is unusual — an exhibit of embroidered pictures of flowers and landscapes made by SDPU(O...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

November Act: game and reality

The 87th anniversary of the November Act proclaiming the Ukrainian National Republic was celebrated in Lviv in the usual solemn manner. This year’s celebration, however, was marked by the broad...
08.11.2005 - 00:00

Business requires stability

After Yuriy Yekhanurov was elected prime minister, most experts expected the domestic investment climate would finally improve. They were echoed by analysts working in this country and foreign...


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