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Artists help wounded military servicemen

Screenings of documentary films about the creator of British pop-art David Hockney was held at the National Museum of Art of Ukraine
6 October, 2014 - 17:34
ONE OF THE PICTURES BY REPRESENTATIVE OF BRITISH POP-ART DAVID HOCKNEY MODEL WITH UNFINISHED SELF-PORTRAIT, 1977 / Photo illustration courtesy of the press service of the National Museum of Art of Ukraine

The action took place within the framework of the charity project “Lions do not abandon their own.” Within the framework of the initiative a win-win lottery was held, as well as a concert of Ukrainian music bands, and there is a regular book action. This time the British Council joined the charity project, and for the second time the film from the collection of Grierson Documentaries was shown, a collection of British documentary films which are nominated for Grierson Award founded to honor the outstanding Scottish documentary director John Grierson.

The film David Hockney: A Bigger Picture was shown in the language of the original. It took three years to shoot the film about one of the key creators of British pop-art David Hockney, in the time when the style and manner of the artist was changing and he was finishing his greatest plein-air work. The organizers said that it was important for them to show namely artistic documentary cinema which would be connected with both organizations that took part in the charity event, and the screenings are followed with a discussion of both the film, and on the whole the creative work of the artist.

This is a charity project, and the admission is free, however the visitors are proposed to leave for the ATO servicemen letters, postcards, children’s drawings, and make donations. The museum regularly reports on the raised money on the website, noting that 30 percent of the sum will go to the charity account of the Ukrainian Center of Development of Museums for further helping the museums that were damaged in the area of military actions, and 70 percent will be directed for treatment and rehabilitation of servicemen.

“We got in touch with Volunteer Hundred and transfer part of the money directly to the account of this organization,” said the co-organizer of film screenings, assistant of the museum’s director general Kateryna Busol, “The rest of the money is used for the needs of concrete wounded servicemen, if our charity donations can help to cover the sum they need for prosthetic care, for example. Recently we organized a charity open-air painting session, when children painted on cardboard and canvases. We thought that paper paintings are hard to put up, if a man, for example, cannot stand up and walk so far, but he could raise his eyes and see the painting. We gave the works on cardboard and canvases with canvas stretchers to the department of neurosurgery of the military hospital.”

The charity screenings of the films are quite successful, therefore they will continue in October.

By Natalia VUITIK