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“An extremely touching and desperately humane”

Nearly 5,000 people have visited the photo exhibit of Den in Lviv. A full house is expected in the near future
13 May, 2014 - 10:57
Photo by Roman BALUK

The Photo Exhibit of Den-2013 is underway at the Lviv Polytechnic University. It will be reminded that it showcases 150 winning photos of the 15th International Photo Competition of the newspaper Den, selected from over 2,000 photo works. A peculiarity of this year’s exposition is a special division, dedicated to the Euromaidan.

In spite of the Easter festive days, the number of people in the premises where the exposition is located does not decrease. The visitors include young people, as well as elderly people, and it is interesting to observe all of them. People come alone and in groups, slowly moving from one stand to another, frequently coming back to the photo they liked, and get frozen in observation – from afar or at a close distance. “And the same has been during all the days since the launch of the exposition,” the curator of the exhibit from the Lviv Polytechnic, the head of the department of youth policy and social development of the Lviv Polytechnic Volodymyr Zalutsky says. And takes us to the Book of Visitors, which is not just full, it is overfilled with responses:

“You have touched the strings of my heart and made me see beauty in every moment of our life.”


“Thank you for wonderful emotions that you granted.”


“The photos show art which cuts to the quick. Thank you for impression.”


“Thank you for making me ponder over life.”


“The exhibit is superb!”


“I believe in the moments of happiness together with you.”


“This will stay in our memory forever. Well done!”


“Some photos really made my soul tremble and cry.”


“…We are like witnesses of the events.”


“This exhibit may be called ‘Simple human sufferings and expectations.’ It’s very interesting and exclusive! I am very thankful to the organizers.”


“This is truly a live exhibit!”


“There are things to think about...”

Unfortunately, most of the responses are anonymous. Or there is a short statement: a student, students of the Lviv Polytechnic, Ivan Franko University, and the Institute of Internal Affairs. Some of the recordings are decorated with hearts. It is evident that not only Lviv residents have visited the exposition: Kyivites and residents of Ternopil take interest in the Photo Exhibit of Den as well.

“And there is nothing strange about it,” considers Natalka HRYTSKO, an employee of the International Institute of Culture, Education, and Liaisons with Diaspora at the National University “Lviv Polytechnic.” “Because there is again a feast in the Lviv Polytechnic, a feast of Den. Joy and sadness, happiness and grief intertwine in the wonderful photos. The exhibit won’t leave anyone indifferent.”

“I visit Den’s Photo Exhibit on an annual basis,” pensioner Olha PRYSHLIAK said. “So, I am very thankful to the newspaper Den for another exposition, which is again touching. This year I was impressed by the photo Love Overcomes Everything. Hopefully, such exhibits will continue to please us, the residents of Lviv, for many years ahead.”

“I wish all the employees of the newspaper creative inspiration in all of its manifestations,” another pensioner Iryna SEMERIAKOVA supplements the words of her friend. “For another time I get convinced that art should serve people. The most important thing is for people to have a need for perception and realization. In my opinion, the exhibit is extremely touching and desperately humane. I thank the newspaper Den.”

“As for me, Mykola Tymchenko’s photo which reflects the emotions of a family which lights and candle for the dead in the Maidan is very piercing,” engineer Semen BORYSLAVETS shares his impressions. “The events in the Maidan have just taken place, so my heart sank many times for the people who gave their lives for me. I thank the Heavenly Sotnia for their struggle. I will never forget those days.”

“What impressed me as a visitor of the Den’s Photo Exhibit,” the director of the International Institute of Education, Culture, and Liaisons with the Diaspora at the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” Iryna KLIUCHKOVSKA contemplates, “For me the photo portraits of elderly people were dominating. Maybe it’s because I have found information in social media about a 90-year-old lady from the United States of America who thinks that a woman should light candles, dress nicely, sleep on good linen, love herself, and go for a walk. And our women in the photos of Den’s exhibit with hands writhen like a nut-tree, these faces with kind spiritual eyes, with deep wrinkles, their poor clothes and kerchiefs. This is the old age of people who have come through incredible tests. These are not just photos, this is an image of our state. Because the state is only strong when the weakest categories, the children and the elderly, are protected. Poverty is always humiliating. Therefore I want very much the Revolution of Dignity which took place in the Maidan to transform into concrete good results, where there must be a place for the elderly.”

According to former teacher Serhii Blahonravov, the best are Handsome, Admirer, and Love Overcomes Everything.

“The Twin Girls!” insists architect Volodymyr Onyshchenko.

“There cannot be only one winner,” a kindergarten teacher Ivanna Berezniak is sure, “All works are good. Each photo brings a story, which is the most important thing.”

“I’ve tried to choose the best work. But I could not, because they all are very good,” hairdresser Iryna Bondarchuk adds.

“The authors are good. Young talents should be supported. And Den is doing this!” bookkeeper Volodymyra Horlytska as if draws the results of a short, but passionate conversation of the visitors with Den’s journalist.

But it does not stop.

“It is wonderful that the newspaper Den has gathered all the colors of Ukraine,” young mother Oryslava KOBYLIATSKA shares her impressions, “The photos are enchanting. Everyone has a story and meaning. I am thankful for this wonderful job.”

At the end it is worth mentioning that a lot of visitors expressed their personal gratitude to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Larysa Ivshyna.

“Ms. Larysa, we bow before you for great work and strength of spirit.” “The peasant mothers give life to grain growers, warriors, workers, and poets. But one of them gave life to Larysa Ivshyna for us. I bow low before our mothers. I am thankful for the newspaper, the Photo Exhibit, your civic stand, and all your priceless work,” the journalist of Den read such words of gratitude to Ms. Ivshyna in the Book of Visitors.

“It is not the first time I visit the meetings in the Lviv Polytechnic with the participation of the editor-in-chief of Den/The Day, Ms. Larysa Ivshyna. I must admit that I liked very much today’s meeting, which, as it was proposed by Larysa Oleksiivna, had a format of a friendly talk rather than a conference. In my opinion, owing to this the communication was more constructive, more lively and free. I am glad for the students who asked interesting, important, acute questions, which with Ms. Ivshyna coped brilliantly. On the whole, we must thank Ms. Ivshyna and the team of employees of Den/The Day she’s heading for the work, constructive, productive, and versatile. I am especially thankful for the series ‘Subversive Literature.’ I read to my colleagues the extracts from Bandera’s work on the nuclear war – it remains topical today. It is hair-raising to read how Bandera viewed the current situation in the Crimea. Therefore I will say that this series is indeed subversive, because it blows up one’s mind. I thank the newspaper Den,” in particular, I have heard this in an conversation with an assistant professor of the department of political science and international relations at the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” Oleksandr HORBACH.

Read in one of the following issues of the newspaper which of the photos of Den’s exhibit is the best, according to Lviv residents.

By Tetiana KOZYRIEVA, The Day, Lviv